John Dahlback @ Rev 3.13.15
by Stephen Mann



John Dahlbäck was born in a small village outside of Stockholm, Sweden in 1985. With a family solely invested in music, it didn’t take long for John to pick up interest. When kids his age were busy in school, John was perfecting his productions style and working on singles to launch his career. At 15, Dahlbäck landed his first record deal when his track ‘Night Flash’ got him signed to the label Route 33. John’s bearing style of electronic music varies from Progressive House to Electro and Tech House. His melodic sense of style can illuminate any crowd, pleasing fans worldwide.

At the fresh age of 17, John went on to debut his first EP in 2002. His EP, “Music So Sweet” was issued on the Chicago based label, Deep 4 Life. The progression of John’s style of music flourished from that point forward. John founded his first label, Pickadoll Records with cousin, Jesper Dahlbäck in 2005. Under the alias Hugg & Pepp, the two relatives established a world known power duo. Artists featured on Pickadoll Records include; Dada Life and Laidback Luke.

Check out one of the singles off his first EP below:

When you thrive on an unlimited supply of talent, why not apply what you have to offer? With that said, John Dahlbäck has since then established his second record label. In 2010, Mutants Records dropped and provided a solid sense of direction for Dahlbäck. “I didn’t start Mutants with any one objective,” stressed Dahlbäck, “I just wanted an outlet for some of my own work and all the brilliant music that was being sent to me on a daily basis. I had no idea it would grow in such a prolific, fun, and influential way, although I’m delighted it has! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us…” With such talent portrayed by an astounding artist, the future is something that should be nothing but celebrated!

John Dahlbäck is surpassing his element of producing and DJing. He has expanded his talent for music in more than one direction. Through his labels he has reached out and represented other artists to further their careers, while also furthering his own. Enjoy John Dahlbäck’s various, unique styles of House Music at Rev Ultra Lounge, March 13th.

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Written by: Alexa Gerard