by Annette Lucero

Hometown heros always make a show sweeter. Glass ceilings shatter, the impossible becomes reality, and suddenly, you’ve got a local coming full-circle in their very own city. Between Daniel’s deep-dive of industry mentorship, and Chris’ genius technological capabilities, the Anjuna pairing showcases a heavy-hand in progressive tracks that would not stand without one another. This New Year’s Eve, Minneapolis finds itself rightfully spoiled; not only do we get Above and Beyond, but we also get Judah showcasing its ridiculous musicality.

Congrats to both of you on playing the NYE show. How excited are you guys for this? Do you have any surprises planned for us?

Thanks! We aren’t parachuting into the DJ booth or anything like that, but we do have a mix of brand new, never been heard outside of our studio tunes to play for everyone! We’re both extremely excited, it’s going to be an amazing show at a pretty sweet looking venue.

Judah has done an incredible job carving out a niche for itself in the industry- let’s not forget, your first interview was just a little over two years ago!  What direction is Judah looking to go with its music in 2018? Can we expect a new style, a new collaboration project, or maybe an EP?

We’ve been slowly finding our groove over the last few years. We’ve definitely started to discover the style of music that we enjoy both producing and playing. Our goal for 2018 is to put out more tracks than we did in 2017, to continue working on our progressive style, and to experiment along the way.

Chris, somehow amidst all of this touring, producing and networking, you still hold a standard 9-5 job with Dow Jones. How have you managed to keep that balance going, and how much longer do you see yourself doing it? Do you have a time frame in mind, or are you waiting for Judah to achieve a certain level of success?

I actually really enjoy my 9-5 job and it allows me to afford cool studio toys which help us in our productions. It also lets me use a different part of my brain, which is needed for a nice life balance. In a perfect world I would be doing Judah full time right now, but we’re still a bit away from it being viable. Until then, I’ll just keep dedicating as much time as I can to make it happen!

Daniel, the last time we did an interview, you mentioned you were managing artists while balancing Judah and Fatum. Are you still doing artist management, or have you moved in the direction of solely being an artist in both Judah and Fatum?

I’m just focusing solely on Judah & Fatum now. Between producing and playing out shows as both acts, my life doesn’t allow much time for artist management any longer.

Looking back on 2017, what were a few proud accomplishments for each of you individually, and for Judah?

It’s always rewarding to have your tracks played out on Group Therapy back to back weeks. We had the opportunity to go on tour with Grum over the summer and play a few one off shows with other Anjuna artists, it was a blast! We finished more music this year than any year before, we’re definitely finding our stride production-wise.

Are there any upcoming releases you would like to tease our readers with?

We’ve got a few tracks finished, a few like 75% of the way there. If you’re at the show you’ll hear the debut of some tracks that we haven’t had an opportunity to play out yet. We’re excited to see the crowd’s reaction to the new tunes!

We’d like to thank Judah this week for taking the time to interview with SIMshows. It’s been an honor to watch you guys power through these past few years, and we hope the Twin Cities continue to inspire you in 2018. Best of luck!