Kap Slap @ Rev 9/30/16
by Bradley Loiederman

Source: Andrew Noh Photography

We at SIMShows are excited to announce Kap Slap at Rev Ultra Lounge this Friday. Recognized for his genuine passion and unsurpassed talent in creating electronic/bootleg mashup music, Jared Lucas, known as Kap Slap, became very close with music at a young age. He started playing in garage bands in late 2009 and released his first mashup in the summer of 2010. He plays the guitar, bass, and drums and is very experienced with an array of instruments. Music was an outlet for Jared after unfortunate circumstances took place in his life. His mother died of breast cancer shortly after his sister was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

He pursued an Integrated Business and Engineering degree at Lehigh University. His mashups and bootlegs first started out as a hobby and an outlet for his creativity at college. His mashups and bootlegs are now internationally recognized as some of the best in the industry. From beginning as a college DJ, he is now a producer touring the world. He also has released numerous mixes on soundcloud and plans on starting a new chapter with his musical career with his own original tracks.

Some may be wondering where he got the name Kap Slap. The stage name refers to his family line shot in the Kappa Alapha Society; after a person begins to funnel down a beer, a shot of Bacardi 151 Rum is added after, giving them a “slap” in the face.

Now that he has graduated from Lehigh University, Jared aka Kap Slap has the time and resources to pursue his dream and create his own original productions. He is a rising artist that you don’t want to miss out on this Friday at Rev!

Tickets will be available at the door!

Written by: Mary Noel