Five Things You Didn’t Know About Kap Slap!
by Bradley Loiederman

Known for his progressive bops and trendy mashups, Kap Slap has become a ‘house’hold name. You may know his chart-rising tracks such as “Felt This Good” and “Gone”, here are five things you didn’t know about Kap Slap!

1. Kap Slap’s name came from a mixed drink

In college, Jared Lucas and his fraternity brothers came up with a drink they titled a kap slap. The drink consisted of funneling a beer followed by a shot of Bacardi 151, perfect for a college frat party. Lucas started his DJ career around this time, so it was only natural for him to choose Kap Slap as his stage name.

2. Kap Slap has spent time drifting cars

Well not exactly, but he has drifted a car before. He was an avid player of Gran Turismo and learned virtually how to drift a car from it. Kap Slap then decided to test his skill with an old Buick he had: “I did a full 360. I almost dropped the transmission. It was retarded, but it was fun.”

3. Kap Slap started the semi-iconic #BananaCreepin

It all started from a fan sending him a Snapchat of them eating a full banana in 10 seconds. Kap Slap decided that this was too good to pass up and started getting other friends and fans to post Snapchats of them eating bananas in front of people that don’t realize it. And such #BananaCreepin came to be.

4. Kap Slap started out with a gig Djing at a prom

While many artists start their DJ careers by getting an in at a local club, Kap Slap started by spinning at proms, college parties, and school concerts. He gained a fan base from playing mashups at his college and grew his repertoire from there.

5. Kap Slap is planning on releasing new tracks in the very near future

Kap Slap recently told EDM Sauce that he will be releasing numerous remixes and original tracks that are going to jump around genres. “I don’t think I’ll have a defined sound or style [for my original tracks]… I think a good song is a good song.” And who knows? Maybe he’ll be premiering one at Rev this Saturday!

Make sure to catch Kap Slap this Saturday at Rev Ultra Lounge! Pick up your tickets here or at the door.