Kayzo @ Skyway Theatre 2/17/18
by Bradley Loiederman

Flashback to your Myspace scene kid days that were taken over screamo and mosh pits. Now take that sound and apply it to EDM – that’s where you’ll meet Kayzo. Based in LA, Kayzo combines hardcore, trap, and dubstep qualities to create a powerful, intimidating sound of extreme bass. He’ll be drilling his Overload Tour with 4B, Dubloadz, Gammar, and JSTJR into Skyway Theatre this Saturday 2/17!

Originally hailing from Houston, Hayden Capuozzo, aka Kayzo, bit at the first chance he got to move to LA and begin his career as a producer. He got his start in 2012 when he began attending Icon Collective, the prestigious production and DJ school in LA. In just nine months, he graduated and was chosen as the winner of Insomniac’s “Discovery Project” challenge. This gave Kayzo an opportunity to play at Escape from Wonderland and helped him jumpstart his career in bass music. Throughout the first few years of his career, he worked closely with Dim Mak, Firepower, Buygore, and Ministry of Sound before focusing on his own creation, Doghouse Recordings.

In 2016, Kayzo decided to move to the next step in his career and start his own label called Doghouse Recordings. While the label only features his self-released tracks, he sees Doghouse being a label for everything different regardless of style, sound, or tempo. Kayzo’s doghouse brand of being innovative, unique, and grimy resonates with fans all the while keeping true to his art. Less than one month ago, Kayzo dropped his debut album, “Overload” – and now it’s time to see what this frontrunner can do live!

Kayzo is extremely unique and creative while being an artist that can go harder than most. Make sure to check out his Overload Tour with 4B, Dubloadz, Gammar, and JSTJR at Skyway Theatre this Saturday! Tickets are available here.