k?d @ The LOFT 5/19
by Annette Lucero

Known for a style of compellingly grotesque electro, k?d makes his presence known over a speaker system. Glitch melodies and creeping snares paint the wistful, futuristic dark side of a hypnotic, looming nightmare. If that wasn’t enough, k?d’s sound could be characterized as a *dream* Porter Robinson and REZZ collaboration waiting to happen. The up-and-coming artist is also known as a social media recluse, touching upon his socials much more lightly when compared to the likes of REZZ, Ghastly and The Glitch Mob. Interviews with k?d are additionally scarce; much of the material online only touches upon teased tracks and fan interactions.

With tracks such as “Genisis”, “Vindicta” and “Fourth Impact” growing larger in popularity, one cannot help but wonder what this up-and-coming artist will bring to the industry in 2017. k?d’s melodically dark style, as well as his teased artwork online, point to an artist pushing the molds of music production. Much of the artwork featured on k?d tracks are done by the artist himself, and can often times be found teased on his Instagram account mid-process. The more important question, however, is what additional tracks are enroute in 2017?

If you’re looking for a ridiculously talented, local lineup and an up-and-coming artist about to break out, the LOFT is the place to be this Friday night. Don’t say we didn’t warn you; k?d is about to destroy the summer festival circuit. Tickets are still available for this Friday night, buy them here.