Summer Set 2017: KEYS N KRATES
by Bradley Loiederman

Many trap artists use similar patterns and samples, but Keys N Krates stray away from the norm and into their own little dimension. Hailing from Toronto, this trap duo uses their live hip hop roots to fill a track with complexity and suspense. Their drops are very professional and keep listeners enthralled in them. Their tracks are a dreamscape of trippy samples and slower beats, being the perfect balance of dark trap like Hucci and banger trap like heRobust. And their sound is known throughout the world: they’ve gained millions of plays on Soundcloud, have been featured on BBC Radio 1, and have even won a JUNO (basically a Canadian Grammy). Readers will even see Keys N Krates mentioned in publications like Billboard, Pitchfork, Hype Machine. Their most recent release is a genre-blending masterpiece that features KRANE. They use trap tempos with melodic synths and yet keep it sounding distinct from melodic trap. Catch this creative duo at Summer Set 2017!