Kill Paris @ The Loft 05/06/2015
by Stephen Mann

Some claim they “got the club goin’ up – on a Tuesday,” and studies show this is indeed a frequent phenomenon regularly taking place. Recently however, some folks within the community are finding themselves amongst a group of other eager fans that are all asking the same million dollar question: “If clubs can go that far up on a Tuesday, just how far might the club go up on a Wednesday when Kill Paris and Louis Futon headline and take over  The Loft?

Photographed above is Corey Barker, better known as Kill Paris, being sly and slightly mysterious(?) behind an arrangement of flowers.  

Experts predict that this Wednesday, May 6th is not going to be like any other Wednesday, May 6th that has ever occurred in the past. Why? Because if anyone knows how to sweep up their fans with guitar-driven, blues-like sounds all while getting mixed with the perfect amount of down-tempo electronica… it’s Kill Paris.  Take a listen for yourself with his latest album, “Galaxies Between Us.”

*Special Bonus: Check out the album on Soundcloud and get a free download link.

We are just as excited as you are for this quickly approaching night filled with funkadelica that will have you showcasing your slickest and smoothest moves all around dance floor.

Sharing the stage with Kill Paris this upcoming night will be Louis Futon! Both of these artists have the versatility in their unique and distinguished sound that provide a kaleidoscopic exploration of positive, groove-giving vibes that provide a fantastic way of celebrating summer being just around the corner.

Louis Futon recently released his self-titled EP and the man continues to release consistent new material, allowing his fans to get down to a sound that never disappoints but always lift spirits and vibes alike. For many fans of both Kill Paris and Louis Futon, you can’t help but feel genuinely happy while listening to the two of these guys. And here they both are coming to The Loft on the same night! Below is a personal favorite tracks from Futon titled, “Drnuk.”

Dig what you’re hearing? Check out the entire EP from Louis Futon here.

Seriously though, make yourself 100% certain you won’t be missing out on getting down with that fresh future funk sound from Kill Paris and Louis Futon. We are hoping you decide to come out and join us if you have not already done so and we always look forward to seeing all of you there!

Limited amount of tickets can be purchased here.

Written By: Ryan Gjorvad