JUST ANNOUNCED: Kristina Sky & Shaun Frank @ Rev!
by Bradley Loiederman


As we announced last week, Kristina Sky and Shaun Frank are coming at you with unforgettable dance music and amazing productions, Kristina Sky rocking it with progressive house and Shaun Frank with his mash hits in many styles of house and trance! Get ready to welcome Kristina Sky to Rev on 11/18 and Shaun Frank to Rev as well on 12/9!

Hailing from Los Angeles, Kristina Sky has played everywhere from China to Ecuador to The Philippines since 2002. Known for her amazing and unforgettable sets of dance music and her production sounds from warm progressive house to melodic trance, Kristina Sky has played alongside many of the world’s top DJs and gained their support. She has made a great name for herself in the scene, putting releases out on Armada, Vandit, and Ultra Records. If you haven’t had a chance to experience one of Kristina’s live sets yet, anyone who has will tell you that you’re missing out! Make sure to catch her set at the Ascension series at Rev Ultra Lounge on 11/18. FREE WITH RSVP FOR A LIMITED TIME!

Coming from Canada, we welcome Shaun Frank, a DJ and producer collaborating in EDM community since 2012 and working with artists such as Nick Romero, 3LAU, Lush and Simon, and more. In only four short years, he has put tracks out on labels such as Dim Mak, Armada, EMI, and Universal and has made it to the top of the charts in multiple countries! Incorporating a new and exciting twist to his live DJ performances, Shaun has been known to feature live vocals to his mixing, making him an artist you do not want to miss! Make sure to come out and welcome him to Rev Ultra Lounge on 12/9! Tickets are available here.

Written by: Mary Noel