Lucky Date @ Rev 05/30
by SIMshows Ticketing


Through an immense amount of devotion, an astonishingly passionate attitude, and an indisputable amount of talent, Lucky date has soared in popularity across the globe. Jordan Atkins-Loria – the man behind the creative madness – has managed to capture such an enticing sound that fans and artists everywhere can’t help but want to join in on his magic. By incorporating a personal vibe into his progressive house based productions, Lucky Date has created an unforgettable and desirable name for himself and his music.

Described as one of the most knowledgeable, humble, and talented DJ’s out there, Jordan has come quite a long way in a short period of time. Although he has been producing for many years, his first claim to fame was his YouTube channel dedicated to production tutorials meant to inspire his fans. Stemming from his childhood, Jordan’s passion for music only continued to grow with age. Throughout high school, he experimented with hip hop, and this genre became the stepping stone for most of his original productions. Before making the move from San Francisco to Chicago for college, he discovered the electronic music scene and was inspired to begin his electronic career from there.

Lucky date has established an exceptionally diverse range of sound, which continues to make him a very appealing artist to work with. Though many of his successes have been produced alongside other artists, his originally created masterpieces are just as unforgettably captivating. In 2010, Lucky Date released one of his originally produced songs called “Ho’s and Discos”. This song led to other originally produced tracks such as “Six 16” and “I Want You”, which were released a few years later in 2012. These first tracks were simply a preview of the intense amount of potential this young artist held within himself.

Growing in both popularity and talent, Lucky Date began producing remixes with various artists in differing genres. He created a remix to Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild”, which engulfed fans and kept them wanting more. His success only continued from there when he introduced yet another monumental remix to Steve Aoki, Travis Barker, and Kid Cudi’s song “Cudi The Kid”. In more recent successes, his song “Fall Into The Sky” produced with Zedd and Ellie Goulding has sky rocketed amongst fans and is still an incredibly loved tune. Most recently, he released a tune collaborating with Moby in the production of the song called “Delay”. Yet again, this song provides fans a unique, high spirited, and captivating musical experience.

Currently on tour, Lucky Date has also played at several festivals over the past few years including Spring Awakening in 2013, Breakaway Music Festival in 2013, and playing at an after party for Electric Zoo in 2014.With the steady stream of successful, passion based, and unique sounding tunes Lucky Date has been known to produce, his success will continue to grow for years to come.

Kick off summer the right way, and don’t miss your chance to witness this incredibly talented artist’s performance at REV Ultra Lounge on Friday, May 30th!