Madeon @ Mill City Nights 5-4-2015
by Bradley Loiederman


Hugo Pierre Leclercq, who goes by the stage name of Madeon, is a 20-year old French house producer that has been taking the worldwide dance scene by storm with his colorful and vibrant tracks. After years of waiting, he is finally coming to Minneapolis on May 4th at Mill City Nights!

Madeon started composing music at the age of 11, producing eurodance tracks under the stage name, “Deamon.” After moving to house music and changing his name to “Madeon” in 2010, he quickly took the world by storm with his remix of Pendulum’s “The Island”, which won a remix competition that Pendulum hosted. It then took no time at all for the 15-year old to reach international fame, after his mash-up of “Pop Culture” became an internet sensation in 2011. He is still growing exponentially in success four years later, with his recent release of “Pay No Mind” which features Passion Pit.

Madeon finds that perfect cross between fast-paced, leg-moving beats and sunshine, happy melodies that bring both a smile to your face and groove in your step. Take his track, “The City”, for example. The track starts with intense sound effects and heavy breathing, making you wonder what is about to come. It then quickly transforms into waves of sharp, bright notes that fill your heart as every second goes on. And if this was not enough to get your body shaking, the lyrics, “We can dance like there’s no tomorrow.”, say exactly what to do: dance! The track continues with its funky sounds and ecstatic vibes until the final second of the song, making sure there is not a single person in the room standing still.

With the release of his debut album, Madeon has also announced that this tour will be completely live. Madeon will be leaving his DJ equipment at home on May 4th, using a launchpad, keyboard, and other live elements to create an even stronger connection with the crowd. Madeon is also bringing a new stage show, adding 3-D imaging to create a show jam-packed with excitement and beauty.

With a full live show and new stage show being incorporated into his tour, Madeon is not an artist you want to miss! So let’s give this Frenchman his first Minnesota welcome at Mill City Nights on May 4th!

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Written by: Bradley Loiederman