– 4th of July with Marcus Schossow @ Rev
by SIMshows Ticketing


Schossow-Press-Picture-1Consistently creating a high energy and intense electro house sound, Marcus Schossow has kept fans around the world guessing what type of madness he will present next.

Although Schossow is no newbie to the production scene, his popularity has soared most distinctly within recent years. Inevitably, his growth in popularity has lead to both touring and producing with some of the finest musical talent around the globe. With only 22 years under his belt, he has proven his career will only continue to prosper from this point forward. Schossow’s trance sound is positively radiant, genuinely uplifting, and allows listeners to experience positive vibes as they dance along to his music.


First inspired by his cousin, Schossow discovered his passion for music while living in Miami in the early 2000’s. In 2007, the fourteen year old accepted a gig as a replacement DJ after a local DJ had broken his leg before an event. Later in 2007, Schossow released his smash track “Mr. White.” This track fused a sound of cutting edge techno with subtle smooth trance which led to his diverse sound being sought after by both DJs and music fans alike.

In 2009, Schossow released his first full length album called “Outside the Box.” The album’s continued popularity comes directly from the immense diversity each song holds for itself. Marcus’ creativity and ability to embrace different genres is what’s leading to his continual growth in popularity. Not only has his popularity soared because of his music, but also because of Tone Diary: Schossow’s label, radio show, and podcast. The success of Tone Diary has allowed his innovative sound to be spread further than ever imaginable.

In the past two years, Schossow has continued his successful endeavor into the world of production. In 2013 he released “Reverie” on Axwell’s Axtone Records. This single held a real upbeat trance sound, with tension building drops making crowds go wild. His most recent release “The Universe” has already been tagged by people worldwide as THE uplifting summer anthem of 2014. Much of his growth in popularity can be attributed to the sense of passion and euphoria experienced when listening to his music.

Schossow has truly embraced the meaning of diversity and has successfully allowed it to inspire his musical creations.With his endless amount creativity and dedication this young star is only going to rise on.

Don’t miss your chance to spend Independence Day with Marcus Schossow.