Markus Schulz: Crowd Imprint
by Annette Lucero


Photo: Freedom Film LLC

Audience reading holds no bounds when Markus Schulz carries the decks. A talent born out of patient endeavor, Markus Schulz perfected his craft a midst several years’ worth of Arizona’s clubs. It was in the center of gay clubs and creeping, underground beats that Schulz learned the power of patron synchronization. Dance floors lay loyal to both gay culture and rave community; their attentions relied upon one another. 90s DJ’s were more often apart of the background, and Markus Schulz utilized these remixing opportunities to hone in and discover his sound. Realization shined as crowd dynamic and sound experimentation brought forth a combination of drum-n-bass, trance and techno production.

Fast forward to today, and scene evolution has shifted from crowd-emphasis to DJ focus. The responsibility for the change lay in the explosion of electronic music in the United States. Audience members, once captivated by the presence of their neighbors, gradually began to look away as stage presence took over. However, Markus Schulz emphasis on the “rabbit hole“ encourages partygoers to once more look away from the DJ booth. Focus lays in reading crowd members properly; a patient opener is as vital as a talented closer. While an opener is responsible for taping into a crowd’s growing groove, a closer holds the responsibility for exposing audience members to relevant beats and untapped genres.

Captivation strength lays not only in the stage’s entertainment, but also in the talent’s production. Musical pursuit is defined through an artist’s changing game; Markus Schulz is always onto something new. The renowned “unicorn slayer” launched his City Series project this year a midst his growing Coldharbour Records label. The goal is to translate the liveliness of a major, toured city each month into an eventual compilation of international energy. Furthermore, city dedications are the byproduct of fan energies; the larger the show anticipation, the greater Markus Schulz’s excitement and motivation to capture a city’s memory.

REV is about to pay homage to a breath of humble electronic history; Markus Schulz sets always linger with crowd imprint. A notorious love for extended sets and growing talent only amplifies Friday’s anticipation. Don’t miss the start of a jaw-dropping, SIMshows fall season; buy your ticket here: Markus Schulz Tickets

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Written by Annette Lucero