Mat Zo @ Rev 9/24/16
by Bradley Loiederman


These past few years have been extremely evolutionary for electronic music, with new genres popping out of the woodwork and scene focuses shifting within multiple different subgenres. And one of the biggest game-changers in the melodic electro scene is Mat Zo. Hailing from London, Mat Zo has been a leading member in the creation of the melodic electro scene since his debut a few years back. After extreme anticipation, Mat Zo will be stopping at Rev Ultra Lounge on his “Mad Tour” on Saturday, 9/24!

While Mat Zo has only been producing under that alias since 2013, he started producing trance and drum & bass tracks as a teenager under a variety of aliases. After he released a few EPs on Anujabeats, he decided to shift his sound to a birthing genre, and that’s when the modern-day Mat Zo came to be! Mat Zo started off his new sound strong, collaborating with Porter Robinson on a track titled “Easy” and making it to the number one spot on Beatport. Shortly after this track saw its rise, he released his debut album, Damage Control, on Anujabeats and Astralwerks. This album skyrocketed to the top of the charts, hitting number one on the US iTunes Chart and hitting number seven on the Billboard Dance Chart. His debut album was also nominated for a Grammy, quickly making Mat Zo a known name to all electronic lovers! After releasing numerous EPs and singles, Mat Zo released his second album, Self Assemble, earlier this year, hitting the top 10 in the charts for the second time. And his talent doesn’t stop at producing either: he’s performed all over at festivals such as EDC, Ultra, and Pukklepop, as well as at some of the hottest clubs in the world. He recently started his own label, titled Mad Zoo, and continues to keep audiences expecting the unexpected!

What makes Mat Zo such a special artist is that he’s not afraid to be extremely experimental and push the boundaries of many genres. While his music has evolved into the Foreign Family Collective-style indie melodic that focuses more on bringing good vibes rather than slamming audiences with bass, Mat Zo incorporates elements from all over the EDM board that create a fuller-sounding track. A perfect example of this is his track, “Slips Away”. The start of the track has the vibe of an indie future track but includes heavy elements of hard dance. The track drops (after a very unconventional but fascinating build) into a camaraderie of technical, computerized sounds that come together into beauty. And after the first drop, the track shifts to a trance-like keyboard solo, which is surely influenced by his time with Anujabeats. Mat Zo’s productions are by far some of the most unique and eclectic creations seen in EDM, making the excitement of his live show this Saturday grow larger and larger!

Hailing from London, Mat Zo has stormed the scene with iconic tracks that blend together numerous genres into one conglomerative sound. His past experience with drum & bass and trance mixed with his quick rise to extreme success have given him tons of material to be creative with, and his fulfilling music keeps audiences enticed for the long hall! So let’s make sure to give this Brit a ton of love at Rev Ultra Lounge on Saturday, 9/24. And when you walk into Rev, remember one thing: expect the unexpected!

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