EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Megan Hamilton Talks Producing, Minneapolis, and Ghetto Funk
by Stephen Mann


In preparation for her solo set at before Sound Remedy this Saturday at The Loft, we had the opportunity to sit down briefly with Megan Hamilton where she talked her love of the Minneapolis music scene, producing, and her need for all things Electro. Tickets are going fast for the show this Saturday! Click here for more info. 

SIM: Most of us know you in Menage Quad. As a solo artist, who is Megan Hamilton?

Megan: Well, I released my first album in 2011. I’ve actually played more as a solo artist then as Menage Quad! I’ve played almost every venue in Minneapolis except the Target Center and the Excel. It kind of all started when I won a competition in Montana in 2012 and was given my first touring gig. I produced the second album for the tour that year and traveled playing shows across the Northwest through February and March of that year. It was during that tour, when I was Portland for three days producing on my hotel bed I decided to try to make an Electro Swing song. What came out of that hotel session was the track, “Listen To The Music”.


SIM: When it comes to the Minneapolis music scene, who do you look up to in the community? How has this scene and this community defined you as an artist?

Megan: I started everything I do in the Minneapolis hip hop community before I ever started in the EDM scene. I had been in the hip hop scene until 2011 when EDM started getting bigger. Three years ago, I remember getting Jack Trash’s email and hitting him up so I could promote the Avicii show at Epic and he didn’t respond so I bought a ticket on the street the night of the show for $60.  After that I kind of unintentionally went back into the hip hop scene for awhile. As far as people I look up to, I would say (even though he’s younger than me) Josh Turner (Dem Atlas) is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met, and I’m so excited he just got signed by Rhymesayers. His music is so dope. I’ve watched him, and we’ve watched each other grow for years now.

SIM: What defines you as a solo artist, how would you say that Saturday’s show is going to be different than a Menage Quad live show?

Megan: I’ll be playing a DJ set this Saturday. I’m so excited to get a chance to play some Ghetto Funk, a genre that’s a bit more prominent in UK right now, but I’m so in love with this music. I’d say it’s right along the lines of “Old-school-big-band-swing-infused-break-beat -switch-hop”.


SIM: What would you call your signature sound?

Megan: I’m not sure, I’ve made literally every genre of music. If it exists, I’ve tried it. I’ve tried to make everything, I don’t think I could put a name to my signature sound. What people know me for as of late is electro swing and hip hop, and what they’ve apparently been calling that “Horny Bass.”

SIM: What kind of production equipment are you currently using? Any software you specifically enjoy working with?

Megan: The whole EDM scene is pretty much Ableton and FL Studios at this point. The hip hop community is right down the middle between Logic and Reason. I use Logic because that’s what my community has been using and that’s what I basically came into the scene using. I’ve really just taken my hip hop roots and evolved it into a different sound. I enjoy Logic because you can master within it and I can fully mix and master my own tracks. In terms of other equipment we’ve been using, we currently have been working heavily alongside Earpiece as they are launching a campaign for hearing health awareness. I personally strongly condone using earplugs at shows. Especially with the electronic music out there these days, the bass can seriously and permanently damage your hearing, and the Earpiece plugs are cool because they only block out the frequencies that damage your eardrums and let everything else through. Seriously if you go to a lot of shows, get some earplugs you can get a more than effective pair for $10 and it’s worth it.

SIM: What are you goals as an artist and producer for 2014? Where would you like to be this time next year?

Megan: I’d like to be touring in 2015. Touring is the most unexpected amount of awesome times ever. For this year, I’ll be doing a lot of production. I have a ton of shows booked already, for myself for Menage Quad and for my new Cherry Darling Project. I’m also stoked to announce our Summer 2014 monthly residency at The Cabooze here in town called Hot Mess! You should come check us out some time we’ll be playing alongside hot local artists and we can’t wait to jump into our schedule this year. Menage Quad has had a ton of interaction with the UK Electro Swing and Speak-easy clubs and we’re very excited to bring Moonshine – a Ghetto Funk artist from the UK here in May as well!


Sound in Motion is very excited to have Megan Hamilton open for Sound Remedy this Saturday (3/29) at The Loft in Minneapolis! Tickets are still available online here