#SIMExclusive Interview with Mielo!
by Bradley Loiederman

It’s been a crazy year for melodic up-and-comer Mielo. He released more new music in 2017 than any previous year, played mainstages at festivals such as Spring Awakening, and joined the Spin Artist Agency family. He’s starting 2018 on a strong note this Wednesday with the release of his new track titled “The Wayfarer”. We got to sit down with Mielo and discuss his successful year as well as where 2018 will take him. Check out the EXCLUSIVE SIMShows interview before his show at The Loft on Friday below.

SIM: 2017 was a very exciting year for you, with multiple releases and a plethora of different shows around the country! What would you say was your biggest accomplishment of the year?

Mielo: Playing a packed main stage at Spring Awakening & signing with Spin Artist Agency!

SIM: You played multiple festivals all over this summer, from Iowa to Georgia. What was your favorite festival that you played this year and why?

Mielo: Spring Awakening was definitely the most next level experience for me show
wise. The crowd was bigger than anything I’ve ever played and had really great response to my set.

SIM: Since we last chatted, you released your first solo track, “Illusory”. Was there a big difference between making a solo track and collaborating?

Mielo: Not too much! I have yet to collaborate on the production side of my music so
that always has been all me. So, Illusory was the first time where I had 100%
control on all aspects of the song. I really enjoy working on music alone & probably
will keep it that way for the most part on the production side.

SIM: You actually released two tracks since we last spoke with you, “Illusory” and “All We’ve Lost”, both of which have a wide mix of emotions that aren’t always shown in the melodic scene. Your track “Pretty When U Cry” also has a heavy blend of emotion. Where did you get inspiration for these tracks, and do you see your music continuing down this path?

Mielo: I listen to really emotional music so I think that just is a natural thing for me. All of my upcoming original music have deep meanings that come from personal experiences. The instrumentals, vocals, artwork, & song names all have meaning.

SIM: Two months back, you released your ‘Acid Stag Hump Day’ mix, which takes the listener through a journey of melodic, house, and bass. Did you take a different approach to this than when figuring out a set for a show?

Mielo: I think my acid stag mix is an update of my taste in what I like to play live. I’ve been really enjoying playing groovy retro sounding tunes mixed in with melodic stuff. I feel like groovy, retro & melodic is a good description of my music.

SIM: Going off the mix, how did you decide where you wanted the mix to go? Are there any themes that continue through?

Mielo: I just try to find music I enjoy from artists I like.

SIM: What can we expect from your set at The Loft before Drezo? Any fun twists up your sleeve?

Mielo: I’ll be playing new unreleased original music, unreleased official remix for Slow Magic, unreleased official remix of one of my favorite bands Out Came The Wolves & tons of amazing tunes. I’ll be playing a completely brand new set.

SIM: And just because everyone is talking about the Super Bowl, got any fun plans for the occasion or any team you’re rooting for?

Mielo: As of right now, I don’t have any plans. I’ve been in music mode pretty hardcore, so I haven’t even thought about it. I was raised as a Miami Dolphins fan but haven’t been a huge fan of football in the recent past, so I guess I’ll root root for the Vikings because Mike Zimmer went to my high school.

Catch Mielo’s set before Drezo at The Loft on Friday. Make sure to grab your tickets here!