Fancy Cat Morgan Page @ REV 10/15/16
by Annette Lucero

With a podcast series that makes Spotify Discovery envious, Morgan Page’s ear at picking out up-and-comers is as good as his mixing. Track transitions find themselves matched up to the very last detail; fluid exchanges pilot weekly “In the Air” podcasts. Deep house finds itself woven into bass-filled future tracks, and vocals are played out at just the right moments. On the other hand, Morgan Page sets are minimally similar. Besides the electro-melodic style that can define an artist, Morgan Page is fond of establishing original sets for his audience. His sets and song production are strictly original; it’s been his policy since day one.

Electro-house melodics, hard basslines and gorgeous vocals are just a few of the sublime traits found within a Morgan Page track. A coveted regular for die-hard fans, “Save You” feat. David Jackson is as delicate as it is slamming. Other tracks, such as “Safe Till Tomorrow” feat. Angelika Vee, creep up through their vocals into layered, acoustic-based drops with goose-bump inducing electro house. Morgan Page’s most recent work, DC to Light, is a patient testament to years of writing, engineering and mixing tracks. In addition, songs don’t see the light of day unless they’ve passed Morgan’s personal checklist: is the track arranged? Is there a hook, an impressive drop?And most importantly, does it give Morgan Page himself goosebumps?

It can be incredibly hard for an artist to remain humble, talented and committed to their craft; the process doesn’t becomes easier with time Yet, Morgan Page has been producing since the age of twelve years old. Some artists leave a few years worth of musical influence; Morgan Page currently holds almost fifteen years. If you’re curious to see how a proper wildcard set selection is done, look no further than REV this Saturday night. Tickets available here; make sure to grab yours before they’re gone!