Morgan Page & Borgeous w/ Delora 2/6 @ Skyway Theater
by Annette Lucero


Surging forward with a tidal wave of music, Morgan Page won’t leave Skyway Theater the same after February 6th. Diversified track selection is understated, as Morgan Page isn’t afraid of delving into every style of music. Haunting acoustics, electro-house and off-the-radar mashups tease his weekly podcasts; how he keeps finding music so good, we’re not certain. One can only assume Morgan Page isn’t interested in throwing a typical set once more, as his last 2014 visit reverberated creativity from the core.

Probably the first track we have ever heard referencing Genghis Khan…and in the most catchy of manners. Check it at 6:24.

The Vermont native holds the undeniable ability to blend almost any genre seamlessly. While BPMs intimidate most DJs to stay within a safe rang of similar beats, Morgan Page’s mixing consists of jumping between tracks at just the “right” moment, regardless of their varying BPMs. His resulting bi-products are fluid projects of watercolor beats; podcasts and live sets are considerably worth their patience.

In between touring, track hunting, and podcast creation, Morgan Page keeps his socials up to date. There never seems to be a dull moment for Morgan Page, as his consistent podcast posts mirror his hunger for pushing production creativity. Since his early days as a radio host at Emery College in Boston, MA, Morgan Page has not dwelled upon what is currently popular. Instead, he looks forward, and searches for upcoming artists, off-the-grid remixes and beautifully lined vocal tracks to challenge listeners with new material. As a result, Morgan Page’s pursuit to stay musically open-minded has left him as one of the most respected individuals in the music industry.

Morgan Page’s tour-time, partner-in-crime Borgeous is just as notorious for throwing a ridiculously diverse set. Borgeous’ talent for crowd reading finds itself amplified by his  appreciation for raw vocals and moving tracks. Add in the fact that Delora will also be gracing Skyway Theater the same night, and suddenly there’s no denying where fans should be February 6th. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get your healthy dose of electro-house and progressive feels; buy your ticket here.