Morgan Page @ The Venue 11/7
by Stephen Mann

morgan page

Legendary for his electro and progressive house production, Morgan Page’s sound continues to steadily grow in popularity. The two-time Grammy nominee will be gracing The Venue this Friday with a show many music lovers have been itching to see. Morgan Page’s notoriously talented mixes, as well as his meticulously crafted music, draws a fan base loyal to originality. Some his most popular hits, such as “Fight for You”, and Deadmau5‘s remix of “The Longest Road”, continue to reverberate across the musical spectrum, despite their age.

The Vermont native got his start producing at the age of fifteen and soon followed his passion by interning for Plastic City. During this time, tech house became an influential part of Morgan Page’s development, and he found himself DJing for WRUV 90.1 FM at the University of Vermont. For five years, Morgan Page produced and mixed music, as well as managed and co-hosted several weekly radio shows on WRUV and WERS. One could say the experience went full-circle for Morgan Page; he’s accredited WRUV itself for getting him into electronic music as a teenager. Yet, it would be through the music of Terry Lee Brown Jr and the Timewriter that Morgan Page tapped into his passion for production. Morgan Page’s music is meticulously crafted; often times, different production programs or additions are used to create his ideal sound.

What’s more, if a song doesn’t draw emotion from its listeners, he won’t let it leave his studio. Music is a holistic experience for Morgan Page, and he aims to engulf his listeners in an air of melodic emotion.

Just check out this track and find out for yourself:

As Friday sneaks up closer and closer, fans better brace themselves for a special night at The Venue. Because in addition to the electro and progressive house legend gracing our stage, prodigy DJ Elle Morgan will be opening for him. Full-circle for sure, as this DJ is only fourteen years old- younger than when Morgan Page began discovering his passion for music production.

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