JUST ANNOUNCED: Morgan Page @ Rev 10/15/16
by Bradley Loiederman


With electronic music being a product of technological innovation, it’s really dope when artists use and help innovate new technologies. Morgan Page, a Grammy-nominated house producer from LA, has been riding new technologies since the get-go and has consistently been a groundbreaking EDM artist with new styles and techniques. After an extremely successful show in February, Morgan Page will be coming back to Minneapolis for a more intimate show at Rev Ultra Lounge on October 15th!

Atypical of many electro house producers nowadays, Morgan Page has been around creating style-bending tracks since the late 1990s. He started messing with mixes while being a radio host for the University of Vermont’s station. While attending Emerson College in Boston, he went back to radio and became the station manager, as well as co-hosting a weekly section, for one of Emerson’s stations. He signed with Fiji Recordings in 1999 and proceeded to release numerous compositions as well as ear-expanding remixes. Since his start, he has received two Grammy nominations, five International Dance Music Award nominations, and has won an Independent Music Award. Moreover, Morgan Page has had the opportunity to play at name-changing festivals such as Coachella, EDC, Electric Zoo, and Ultra. He released his most recent album, DC To Light, in 2015 and quickly saw it jump to the top 5 in the Billboard and Beatport charts. Morgan Page has been hard at work since the late 90s to fine-tune his sound, and his continued experimentation with house music keeps his work climbing higher and higher in popularity!

What really makes Morgan Page stand out of the crowd is his commitment to emerging technologies and being eco-friendly. Morgan Page is well-known for installing solar panels in his house to power his studio and for driving a Tesla, showing his commitment to being green. Moreover, he often uses new technologies to his advantage, like when visual 3D technology in his MPP3D Tour. More recently, he teamed up with three technology companies to produce the first virtual reality lyric video for his track β€œRunning Wild”. While many older producers stick with the old styles and equipment when producing or DJing, Morgan Page is one of the first to use the new equipment and see what it can do, making his live show all the more exciting!

Being around for over 17 years, Morgan Page has turned himself into a pivotal artist in electronic music. His tracks and remixes have landed him extreme praise and award recognition, and his innovate spirit and groundbreaking techniques have brought him even further into the limelight, even giving him some shine from outside the EDM world. And after a long wait, we finally get to see Morgan Page in a more intimate setting at Rev Ultra Lounge on October 15th!

Tickets are available here.