Myon & Shane 54 @ Rev 01/02/16
by Bradley Loiederman

Myon and Shane 54, a house and trance duo hailing from Hungary, have been quickly taking both the worldwide dance scene by storm with their original tracks, funky collaborations with large name Djs, and extremely popular weekly podcast! After their visit to the cities almost a year ago, they are coming back to Rev Ultra Lounge on January 2nd!

Myon and Shane decided to come together and bring their own Hungarian spin on trance and house in 2008, creating Myon and Shane 54! They started with remixing different tracks, mostly tracks release on Anujabeats. After huge success from their original Anujabeat remixes, they started remixing tracks from artists such as Above & Beyond, Armin Van Buuren, and Cosmic Gate. Their popularity soared in 2010 with the creation of their weekly podcast, International Departures. Since its creation, there have been over 300 episodes of International Departures featuring artists such as Above & Beyond, Kyau & Albert, Andrew Bayer, Armin Van Buuren, and Steve Angello. In 2014, their popularity skyrocketed again with their back-to-back releases of “Lie to Me” with Cole Plante and “Strangers” with Seven Lions and Tove Lo, both tracks that hit the top of the Beatport charts. Shortly after that, in 2015, they released “If I Fall” with Cole Plante, making its way to #1 in the Beatport charts and gaining more than 500,000 soundcloud plays. They have also frequently been mentioned in DJ Mag’s Top 100 Djs. They just released a new remixed of a former track titled “Hurricane” a week ago, showing that there’s no stopping the momentum Myon and Shane 54 have created for themselves!

Myon and Shane 54 are such unique producers and Djs because they’re able to bring a little taste of all different kinds of house and trance into their mixes, giving the audience a melting pot of melodies and rhythms to keep them grooving! Take the remix of “Hurricane” shown above: the track definitely has more of a tropical influence in it, creating a groovier feel rather than a more bouncy, heavy feel. However, if you take their track with Cole Plante, “Lie to Me”, it definitely has a different feel. It’s got a lot more of the bouncy, trancy vibes going on, bringing huge grins to a club that’s springing its way through the roof! Their DJ sets dabble in all different aspects of house and trance music as well, one of the reasons why International Departures is so popular! Myon and Shane 54 have a knack for pulling great tracks out of all different subgenres of house and trance music, making their sets out of this world!

Not only does Myon and Shane 54 have International Departures, but they also created a tour diary titled “International Departures TV”. The diary follows them through all different cities around the world and helps give a view into the life of a busy touring DJ duo. If you wanna see a little behind the scenes of what’s in store before they come to Minneapolis, make sure to check it out!

Myon and Shane 54 have gained extreme success since 2008 with major releases and remixes, as well as their popular weekly podcast, blending together all types of house and trance music. So let’s gather all the energy and good vibes together and welcome back these Hungarians to Minneapolis on January 2nd at Rev Ultra Lounge!

Tickets are available here.