Music of the week: May 9th-13th
by Bradley Loiederman

Welcome to this week’s installment of music of the week! During this rainy week, we start off with a chill trap remix thrown this way from New York. We then move to a tropical house track that will be sure to brighten up your cloudy day. We end this week with a beautiful trance track to keep the spirits high and get you through the rest of your work week. As always, if you’ve been into any artist/track/album/etc recently that you want mentioned in here, shoot an email to Now let’s get started!

We start this week with Lucian’s remix of TRNDSTTR by Black Coast. From New York, Lucian has quickly been breaking out on the trap and progressive trap scenes, blending smooth melodies with dirty drops and beats. His remix opens up with soft female vocals and loud, long piano chords, setting a sensual and body moving scene. When the track hits the buildup, the sound completely changes, focusing on the vocals and distorting both vocals and background sounds to create tension. Right before the drop, the song quickly goes to 100, creating almost a wind-up effect to get the listener ready to move. The drop is somehow both ridiculously dirty like a good trap track should be but also is a beautiful, swaying ribbon of melody that brings bold, deep color to the listener. The second verse brings the tempo up a little and keeps the listener shimmying between the drops. And the second drop, although not very different from the first, hits you with such energy and feeling that you get entranced in it. Lucian is definitely an up-and-coming artist to keep an eye on, and this remix is one to put in the books!

Now, let’s travel to the Netherlands and check in with one of the fastest growing deep and tropical house producers around, Sam Feldt! About a month ago, Sam Feldt released his new track, “Shadows of Love”, which is sure to be a part of the soundtrack to this summer! The track opens up with some quiet piano chords, quickly adding in some beautiful female vocals and a mellow yet snappy beat. The buildup takes the track into a positive, beachy feel that makes you want to move and groove as the waves crash right below your feet. The drop is the perfect tropical house drop: light, warm, energetic, and all-around fun. It’s filled with melodic synth lines, a soft but loud waterdrop-like beat, and a xylophone that transports you to a Caribbean paradise. The best part about this drop, and the reason why this is in the music of the week, is the mini-drop that occurs. A mini-buildup speeds the song up for only a couple seconds but the drops into a louder xylophone and almost bird-like chirping sounds, filling the track out and adding an additional tropical vibe that many other tropical house tracks lack. Although being from the Netherlands, Sam Feldt has proven himself to be a tropical house legend, making him an artist not to miss!

To end this week’s music of the week, we put some trance in your pants and throw you a track from Ferry Corsten’s new EP! Back in December, Ferry Corsten released his new EP, Hello World, onto a bunch of different outlets and released a track from the EP, titled “Voema”, onto Soundcloud. The track starts with a fast-tempo beat and some light synths in the background, creating the start of a trance tornado. The track then continues into the first verse, using multi-melodic synths to create tension and build the pressure of the track. As the track continues to build, all the tension starts coming together, as if a battle is starting to subside. What’s special about this track is the drop: instead of turning chaotic or throwing out a melodic slam, the drop is calm and is a resolution to all the chaos and tension in the beginning of the track. This track shows that Ferry is going back to his roots and adding in his own section of trance. If you’re digging this track and want to hear more, make sure to check out Ferry Corsten’s show at Rev on May 13th!