Music of the Week: 5/16 – 5/22
by Bradley Loiederman

Welcome to the third installment of SIMShows’ music of the week! We’re starting off this week with some trappy melodic bass from Paris that’s sure to get you moving through your hump day. We then chill out for a minute and bring you some Russian sleepwave vibes. Speeding it back up, we move to one of the hottest indie electro producers right now and bring a little hip-hop flavor to the mix. To finish this week off, we move to Jai Wolf and his feel-good remixes. As always, if you have anything you think should be mentioned in here, shoot me an email at! Now let’s get started!

Two days ago, Creaky Jackals, the Parisian producer known for heavy verses and ground-shaking drops, released a calmer, more melodic track titled “Don’t Give Up”. The track starts with quiet, choral vocals with some string-like synths building the intimate mood. Dreamy vocals then appear, adding to the intimacy of the track and building it up from the drop. A drum line pops in with some distorted vocals to create the final build up, and then that drop occurs. The drop is somehow extremely intense yet calming, focusing on the distorted vocals, synth, and drum line. It makes you both want to sway your body and jump around with glee. This track is so sick that even Dirtyphonics has promoted it after only two days! If you’re into melodic trappy tunes, make sure to check this out!

Going chill for a minute, we move to Chvrn, a sleepwave and post-witchhouse producer hailing from St Petersburg, Russia. A few months ago, he released a track titled “Love”, blending together minimalist electronic that started the EDM movement and new-age sleepwave. The track starts with heavy synths fading in and out, standard to Phillip Glass-style electronic minimalism. This slowly fades from low-tone synths to higher synths, and after about a minute of this synth-change, a beat and background vocals are added in. After another bit, some choral-sounding notes get faded in and out of the track, creating a fullness to the track. The track keeps building until about thirty seconds to the end, where every added chunk gets dropped, and the synth line is all that is left. This track is a perfect example of classic minimalism getting applied to modern-day styles, creating both a creepiness and a sense of beauty to minimalist electronic music.

Let’s speed things back up a little and move to one of the fastest-growing indie electronic producers in the UK, Mura Masa. A couple months back, Mura Masa released a track titled “What if I go?”, blending together hip-hop styles with melodic electro. The track opens up with a live drum or old-school drum machine sound, quickly adding in a muffled xylophone sample and female vocals. The track starts to build in the pre-chorus, and the vocalist starts really showing the soul in her voice. The track drops and changes time signatures, creating a completely different feel in the track. It moves from a hip-hop blend in the verse to a signature Mura Masa drop, blending distorted vocals and horns to create a feet-moving, melodic drop. Mura Masa is definitely one of the most unique and talented up-and-coming artists around, so if you’re into this track, make sure to check out more from him!

To end this week’s music of the week, we travel back to the states to check in with one of the biggest up-and-coming electronica artists in the US, Jai Wolf. After Dirty South’s album dropped a little over a year ago, Jai Wolf decided to take an already amazing track and make it his own. His remix of “With You” starts off with a Worlds-sounding synth and piano accompaniment, moving into the distance when the vocals start. The build up is very gradual, peaking to the top very fast arcade-style samples, leading to one of the most beautiful drops I’ve heard in a long while. The drop is sunny and spectacular, blending together samples of the original track perfectly with his own touch of color and melody. There is no wonder that this remix has almost a million plays! Dirty South’s original track is already a feel-good classic, but Jai Wolf made it into a different style of happiness! If you want to check out more of Jai Wolf’s stuff, make sure to check out his Soundcloud! And if you wanna check out Dirty South, he will be here on May 20th at Rev Ultra Lounge!