Music of the Week: 5/23-5/29
by Bradley Loiederman

Welcome to this week’s installment of SIMShows’ Music of the Week! This week, we start off with a soft dub electronic twist of a Rufus Du Sol track that’s sure to get you swaying and grooving in your desk chair. We then move to the new Dillon Francis and NGHTMRE collab that blends old school moombhaton with new-style trap. To close out the segment, we go to Colorado and focus in on a heavy banger from a usually melodic artist that’s sure to get you through the hump day. If you’ve got any tracks you want mentioned in this, shoot an email to Now let’s get started!

To start things off, we travel to Philly and check out trap and future bass comeup Louis Futon. About a month ago, Louis Futon released a remix of Rufus Du Sol’s “You Were Right”, already gaining almost 800,000 plays on soundcloud! He doesn’t waste any time with the beginning, starting the track immediately with prominent vocals, quickly building up with strings, keyboards, and a mild beat. Within 30 seconds, a smooth drop pauses the song, bringing it right back to the second vocal verse and creating a mellow atmosphere. About a minute into the song, the track gets quiet again, and a heavier buildup occurs, creating a mellow chaos that leaves the listener shaking to hear the resolution. And the resolution is absolutely breathtaking: the only instruments used in the drop are melodic synths that cut through the air and a drum that slowly glides you through the track. The rest of the track keeps that synth sound and keeps the instability-resolution shift throughout the entire track. Louis Futon took an already amazing track and turned it into a masterpiece. If you wanna hear more Louis Futon, make sure to check out his soundcloud! And if you wanna hear more of Rufus Du Sol, make sure to check him out this year at Summer Set!

Speeding things up, we move to the much awaited collaboration between Dillon Francis and NGHTMRE. Only 19 days ago, the two released their track, “Need You”, on Mad Decent and have already gained more than 1.5 million plays on soundcloud. The track starts off nice and light, with nothing but a heavy beat to get the energy rising. The track starts building with high female vocals, heavy high-pitched synths and keyboards, and an even heavier beat line. Right before the drop, Jamaican vocals pop up (similar to those in Major Lazer tracks) and pump the listener up for a dirty, heavy moombhaton slam. The drop is a perfect old school big room moombhaton drop, focusing on multi-rhythms and grimy samples. The second drop, however, has a much trappier influence, blending together the two genres to create a plethora of grime, bass, and rhythm. This is definitely a one-of-a-kind track and makes me hope that the two will do more collaborations and further fill the gap between moombhaton and trap! NGHTMRE will be performing this year at Summer Set, so make sure to check out his set!

To end off this week’s selection, we move to Colorado and check out Illenium’s new collab with Dirt Monkey. 19 days ago as well, Illenium and Dirt Monkey dropped their collaboration track, titled “Bring Forth The Pressure”, onto Pantheon, a new artist co-op agency. Unlike the rest of Illenium’s stuff, which is melodic and emotion-filling, this track slams you with bass and dirty riffs from start to finish. The drops almost have a Snails-like filth to them, and the second drop is so heavy that you’d be sure Excision was on this track somewhere. This is such a fun track to start festie season off with, and Illenium has definitely proven himself as being both a melodic legend and a basshead’s dream. If you want to check out more of Illenium and see where he goes next, make sure to check him out at Summer Set this year!