Music of the Week: June 13th – 19th
by Bradley Loiederman

Welcome to another installment of music of the week! This week, we start by getting down and dirty with some LA trap that’s sure to get the juices flowing! We then move to a blend of three different hip hop styles that comes together to create one fire track. Afterwards, we move to The Netherlands to focus in on some more melodic material that’ll bring on the feels. And finally, we finish off with a mix of melodic bass and heavy dub, exploding you into the end of the work week! As always, if you want any track mentioned on here, shoot an email to Let’s get started!

We start off this week with some heavy LA trap dropped by the one and only Kennedy Jones! About a year ago, Kennedy Jones dropped his remix of Calvin Harris’ “You Used to Hold Me”. The original track is a house track filled with melody and emotion. However, his remix of this track is filled with heavy bass and synths, creating a booty-shaking twerk anthem! From the beginning, the dark, minor notes create this tension that builds the energy of the track to unbearable levels, making the listener eager for resolution. And the drop is such a relief of endorphins that’s sure to make the crowd move and the floor break! The second drop is a trap praise to hard-house, with fast, repetitive synths and drums that’ll topple the roof down in energy! If you like what you hear of this track, make sure to check Kennedy Jones out at The Loft this Friday!

Next up, we got a new Chance The Rapper track featuring Young Thug and Lil Yacthy titled “Mixtape”. Now, I gotta be honest: when I heard Chance The Rapper was collabing with Young Thug and Lil Yachty, I was very skeptical about how that was gonna turn out. Young Thug and Lil Yachty’s sound is usually a lot more electronically-based with weird autotune effects and out-of-the-norm time signatures, whereas Chance’s sound is usually more pop-based. However, combining the three artists together creates this dark yet entrancing hip hop sound that fills the gap between pop-hop and Atlanta trap. Young Thug sets the tone with his Caribbean-sounding deep vocals. Chance brings some raspy, high-pitched vocals in to add a pop influence, and Lil Yachty seals the deal with some of his iconic, electronic-based style that is such a perfect combination between Atlanta rap and electronic music. This is one of my favorite tracks to come out this summer, and if you like it as much as I do, make sure to check out Chance the Rapper at Summer Set this year!

We now move to The Netherlands and check out one of the most recent releases on Spinnin’ Records! 10 days ago, Sidney Samson teamed up with Eva Simons and released their track, “Escape From Love”. The track starts and ends with melodic glee and upbeat vibes that are sure to make you groove the summer night away! The drop is a perfect summer drop as well, with a fast-paced (but not too fast) beat and sampled, high vocals that brings the listener straight to a beach filled with purple sunset. This track is completely different from Sidney Samson’s previous stuff, moving out of house and breaking into more electro and standard dance. This track is definitely one of the most tropical releases I’ve heard of Spinnin’ in a long while, and it definitely proves the versatility in Sidney Samson’s music. If you like what you hear and wanna check out more of Sidney Samson, check him out at The Loft with Kennedy Jones on Friday!

We end this week by slamming you in the face with some heavy, slushii bass! Slushii has been making his way to the top of the bass scene in the past year, and his release of “Take My Hand” three months back is definitely one of his best! The track starts off like a melodic bass track, with a calm but building background and beautiful, emotion-filled vocals. However, the drop is not something to mess around with: heavy, droopy synths with a beat filled with dynamite. Similar to Snails, Slushii also has a way of making his drops fit perfectly with his name, making a slushy feel to every track that’s impossible to explain without listening to it. And the second drop is even better than the first, filling the sound with rocket-like energy. Slushii is quickly making his way to the top of the bass field, and this track is definitely one for the books!