Music of the Week: May 2nd-8th
by Bradley Loiederman

Welcome to the first addition of music of the week! With all the talent that flows through our scene, both from locals and touring acts, it’s sometimes hard to find new music and hear what others are listening to. That’s why we here at SIM have decided to dedicate a blog every week to music we’ve been into and music you all have been into! If you have a track you can’t stop listening to or think needs some more recognition, shoot us an email at and let us know! It might be chosen for next week’s music selection! Now let’s talk about this week’s selections.

For the first song of this week’s selections, we’re traveling to London to check out tropical sensation Sigala! Sigala is a producer from London known for his up-beat vocals and tropical house vibes. His latest track, “Give Me Your Love”, had its video drop just four days ago, mixing tropical house vibes with hip-hop dance moves throughout. The track starts out heavy and blissful, creating its feel-good vibes with the uplifting lyrics and high, melodic synth samples. It continues to build with a fast beat until it drops, smoothly taking you into a tropical trance with a heavy drum beat and mild melodies. Not only does the track drop a second time, but the second drop quickly fades into a third verse and brings itself back up with barely any buildup. Sigala has a knack for creating tracks that make you want to groove under the summer sun, so if you’re looking for the perfect rooftop track on a warm day, give it a listen!

The second choice for this week is Jayceeoh’s and Styles&Complete’s melodic trap take of “Two Phones” by Kevin Gates. The remix opens by blending together the dipping synth sounds that start the original track off, quickly moving to Kevin Gates’ chorus repeating itself as the track builds. Once the track takes a quick pause, then comes the highlight that makes it onto this list: that beautiful, heavy, melodic trap drop. It comes out of nowhere but hits you with waves of melody and ridges of trap beat that works perfectly with samples of the original track used. After seeing him throw down like no other at The Loft in September, Jayceeoh has become one of my go-to artists to bring up the energy, and this song definitely does the trick! If you’re looking for a perfect party starter or a crowd-rager, this is the perfect track for you!

To close out this week’s selection, we’re traveling to the Netherlands to check in with progressive house duo Vicetone! On April 8th, Vicetone released their new EP, Aurora, and the single of the EP, “Siren”. The track starts off as an earthquake of emotion, with beautiful female vocals backed up by a building piano and drum line. The vocals continue to blast through the track as the song builds, climbing higher and higher until the radiant drop. The drop transports you to a rainy outdoor festival, filling you with joy and energy as the string-like sharp melodies match with the toe-tapping beat. This track is perfect for a late-night drive, a morning jog, or an evening outing at Rev this Saturday!