NGHTMRE @ The Loft 9/4/15
by Bradley Loiederman

With a large number artists filling the EDM scene, it is sometimes intimidating for new producers and Djs to break into the scene. However, Nghtmre proves that with talent and hard work, you can still break out and stir up a momentum! Nghtmre, a 24-year old producer from Los Angeles, has only been producing tracks for about a year and has already released tracks on Mad Decent, Ultra, and Circus Records. He will be making his debut in Minneapolis at The Loft on September 4th!

Nghtmre started his music career in late 2013 after moving from North Carolina to Los Angeles and attending Icon Collective. He released his remix of Showtek’s “We Like to Party” with Slander in December of 2013 and quickly gained the attention of the trap community, gaining over five million plays on Soundcloud. After that release, he quickly signed with Hashtag JukeLife Management and Circle Talent Agency. He has since remixed for artists such as Victor Niglio, Porter Robinson, Keys N Krates, Lookas, and Major Lazer and has had five tracks chart Top 3 on the Hype Machine tastemaker charts. He attended his first Miami Music Week this year, where he played seven shows in five days and was featured in Skrillex’s Ultra Music Festival closing set. He released his first EP, “Nuclear Bonds”, with Slander a few months ago and released a solo original track, “Street”, only a month ago. He is currently on his first international tour, spanning over all of North America and Australia, and has been releasing tracks and remixes along the way!

What makes Nghtmre so exquisite and talented of a producer is that he can make a heavy trap song without focusing heavily on the bass and beat. He has found a fine line between melody and rhythm that many producers don’t usually dive into, creating almost a heavier What-so-not sound that will please the melodic feelers as well tear apart the dance floor! Another reason he has risen so much in just one year is that his music is spread over multiple genres and sounds. His remix of Porter Robinson’s “The Seconds” is a very melodic, happy track that sways an audience with it. His remix of Rae Sremmurd’s “No Type”, however, is a deep house remix, almost taking out the trap elements in the original track. He will even change genres within a single track: looking at his remix of Major Lazer’s “Lean On”, he goes from Drum and Bass in the intro and buildup of the remix to heavy, bouncy trap in the drop within the remix. Nghtmre has a knack at blending all elements of trap, as well as blending many genres together, making him a natural candidate for success!

One reason why Nghtmre is so different than many other trap artists is that he has a day job: doing assistant production on pop music. Although he focuses heavily on his own music, he also has to set a small part of his creativity for working in the pop music industry. This may sound displeasing to an audience at first, but having to work a little in the pop industry makes Nghtmre a very versatile producer. This could also be an explanation as to why he has such a talent with blending different genres of electronic music and creating tracks that are both fascinating and ground-moving!

Nghtmre has swiftly made a huge impact on trap music in only a year. His versatility and ability to combine multiple genres together makes him both a unique producer and likeable to many people outside of the trap community. So whether you’re a trap fiend, a house head, or a drum and bass jumper, Nghtmre has something to tickle your fancy! So get your eardrums and shoe soles ready for The Loft on September 4th!

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