NYE 2016: No Mercy at Skyway Theater **TWO NIGHTS**
by Annette Lucero

2016 got you down? No worries, SIMshows is here to help! With two nights full of jaw-dropping lineups, Skyway theater is the place to be this New Year’s Eve. Night one sets the bar with none other than MIJA, Boombox Cartel, Bleep Bloop, Team Ezy, Haterade and Duelle. These artists have set their names in stone and earned their well-earned spot on one of Minneapolis’ hottest NYE lineups. When she’s not busy taking over the world with her ridiculous production talent, OWSLA-native MIJA can be found ripping up a DJ console, playing some niche secret set or repping the launch of her recent clothing line. Home-town heroes Boombox Cartel have come a long way since leaving for LA in ‘14; their NYE spot has been long awaited. The Mad Decent talent is known for their ruthless production and die-hard fans, making their set all the more sweeter with anticipated energy. As for Bleep Bloop, Team Ezy, Haterade and Duelle, these talented artists are not far behind the likes of MIJA and Boombox Cartel. These acts are some of the most impressive up-and-comers to watch for in 2017, as the industry has yet to witness the full breadth of their potential. Likewise, make sure to get to Skyway Theater early on the 30th; our local talent has been strategically selected for their promising sets.

Night two tests Skyway Theater’s building code with the likes of Black Tiger Sex Machine, KRNE, Kai Wachi, ASADI, BAILO and 4B The Thief. Adding into the madness that already is a Saturday night on New Year’s Eve, Black Tiger Sex Machine will bring the crowd to church in time for the countdown. KRNE, Kai Wachi, ASADI, BAILO and 4B The Thief will each help set the tone leading up to the grand finale; their individual talents are maddening in comparison to one another. Dark, jazzy, hip-hop tipped and trap-house infused, KRNE’s sound is as weird as it is jaw-dropping. The middle ground sound master becomes Kai Wachi, as his electro-trap fusion helps pave the way for ASADI’s reverberating trap style. BAILO and 4B The Thief hold no mercy in their set’s defense; each act is ready to lay into Skyway Theater with a mastered style. Night two’s locals are ready to get the party going, so make sure to find yourself at Skyway Theater early on to see what the night has to offer.

New Year’s Eve is set to destroy Minneapolis this year with its Saturday night chaos. Tickets are still available for this two-night fiasco; make sure to grab your SINGLE and TWO night-passes here.