On The Radar: CZU
by Annette Lucero

On this week’s edition of #OnTheRadar, we’d like to connect with  a rising local by the name of CZU!

SIM: Thank you for joining us today, Benjamin! Could you please start by telling our readers what led you to start producing, and how long have you been producing for?

Benjamin: It really started when I went to my first big event, Stellar Spark, where Benny Benassi blew my mind. Eventually that lead into wondering how and what they were actually doing behind the decks.

SIM: Now did you go to school for production?

Benjamin: On the Dj side of things it was all self taught, I went to The Institute of Production and recording for audio production and engineering as well as taking classes at Slam Acadamy to further the craft.

SIM: And what would you say is the genre you are mostly known for?

Benjamin: I have been mainly focusing on variations of House music, primarily Deep House, I have some experience in hip hop and lofi beats.

SIM: How important was it for you to take classes for production at IPR and Slam Academy?

Benjamin: It was super awesome going to school and being around like minded people with a similar goal, really helped promote growth. Of course being around them help develop and focus my sound. Really the best part of it is picking up new techniques along the way to make you kinda stand out.

SIM: Would you say starting out was the easiest part for you, or not so much?

Benjamin:Starting out was a real struggle, mostly when it came to getting the proper gear. Just rocking a laptop to now getting a working studio 10 years later feels amazing. I have been blessed with great people around me that have been very generous in helping my musical goals, shout out to all the homies!

SIM: How do you keep yourself on track?

Benjamin: For producing and DJing it’s all self motivation, it is a passion so working on the craft is seconded nature. Granted there are times when it’s a bit of a struggle, but that comes with creativity. With [hosting] the monthly event Deep After Dark at the Kitty Cat Klub, I have a group that holds it down.

SIM: What mentality have you applied to your craft to keep yourself motivated and focused on the long-term?

Benjamin: The thing that has really worked for me is to just do your own thing and don’t try to fit the mold of other people. Being an artist allows you to really express yourself and prompts personal growth. With doing that the people in that scene will start to take notice and the rest will come.

SIM: And what have been some of your favorite moments as a local?

Benjamin: Being able to go to school and being in the environment is something I would never take for granted, I can not express how important I believe it to be. You are who you hang with, and if you want to move forward, it’s a step that you’re gonna need to take. Having the gear was also a huge milestone, it was then that things really took off.

SIM: What are some of the next goals CZU has for himself?

Benjamin: I have been super focused on releasing my first album, I finally think I have some suitable material that is up to my par.

SIM: What is something you hope never changes about yourself as you become more successful?

Benjamin: I never want to take myself too seriously; the love for the music and spreading it to the masses is what my goal is and always will be.

SIM: Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Benjamin: Check me out on:




Twitter: @czumpls

Instagram: czumpls