On The Radar: RENNO
by Annette Lucero

We’re gearing up for Euphoric Nation’s “Trance Paradise 400” tonight at REV Ultra Lounge! Featuring a seasoned local lineup to start the night, AZNPERSUASIAN and RENNO will keep the floor hot before Euphoric Nation takes over. This month’s #OnTheRadar shout-out goes to RENNO, a local notorious for her love of bass. Check out her interview below!

What initially got you into Djing? Do you have a preferred style?

I actually fell into it by accident. In 2015, my freshman year of college, I joined EDM Club at the U of M because I had discovered Flume, Dream Koala, Chrome Sparks, and some other electronic artists in high school and wanted a community to enjoy similar music with. After making friends with a couple other club members, I realized they were all DJs. They told me I should learn and they volunteered to teach me the basics. I initially couldn’t ever see myself being a DJ but I agreed to try it out. I fell in love with it instantly, and the rest is history!

As for styles, I’m not really partial to anything in particular. I think there’s value in keeping an open mind, trying new things, and even developing your own style. I would like to get good at spinning vinyl though!

How did you get involved with the University of Minnesota, EDM Club? What drew you to it, and what keeps you there today?

I was trying to put myself out there, try new things, and mostly find where I fit in. I literally pulled up the roster of every single existing club at the U and made note of the ones I wanted to look into. EDM Club was near the top of my list. I’ve always loved music so I figured I’d go to the first meeting of the year to see how I liked it. I had no idea how deep the “rabbit hole” of EDM went. I was so fascinated that there was entire culture to go along with the music, and that there was such a variety of music that falls under the EDM umbrella. Furthermore, the community within the club was something I connected with right off the bat. I knew it was where I fit in. The people and culture of EDM Club is what keeps me there today. Like I said, it’s exactly where I feel like I fit in and it’s great to be surrounded by like-minded individuals

As a DJ, what do you expect from yourself when performing live? What do you hope your audience sees when you perform or collaborate with other acts?

Aside from not screwing up on stage, my expectation is to have fun. I’m doing this because I love the music. Of course, the preferences of the crowd are really important to me, too. They play a huge part in how I tailor my set and what genres of music I play, but the second I stop having fun is the second that there’s no point in being up there anymore. The audience knows when you’re not into it. That’s why I think it’s so important to be in it for the music. Not for the money, the attention, or anything else.

When I play, I hope the audience can grab onto the music I play and feel something. I think we’re all there because we want to feel something, whether it be to let out pent-up emotions, find something new that you’ve never heard before, or get lost in the music and reflect. That’s what I want for the audience when I play.

What sets have really grown you artistically as a DJ? Why were they so memorable to you?

Some of the most memorable sets I’ve played have been all of the small practice ones in the kitchens of my friends’ apartments. The ones where you can mess around and try new things without repercussions. Those are where I feel I grow the most both stylistically and artistically. However, as for most memorable sets, I played direct support in April 2017 for Dack Janiels and Quix at The Loft. It was about a year after I started learning to DJ. The crowd was insane and filled up most of the venue. Looking out and seeing people feel the music and react to my set was so surreal. I think that set was a turning point for me when I realized, “Whoa, I can really do this. I’m not stuck DJing in my bedroom’s corner anymore”. I got that same feeling last October when I opened for Steve Aoki at TCF Stadium. I think about those sets all the time – they motivate me to keep moving forward and progress, and they remind me that anything is possible if I work for it.

What do you hope to accomplish as a local DJ? As a local artist?

As a local DJ, I want to keep pushing myself to progress and grow in my abilities. I’d love to tackle production next. That’s the next step that would be most important in order to help keep me progressing and growing. I also want to be a resource for other locals, and look for opportunities to collaborate. I’m always looking to try new things no matter what they are!

What producers inspire you to grow yourself as both an artist and individual?

I love following producers and DJs that aren’t afraid to break out of the mold and try new things. I’m inspired by artists that create their own sound and do their own thing. Medasin is one of my favorites. I also am an OG Flume fan, he was such a pioneer in trying new sounds, song structures, and other cool things. If it’s weird, unconventional, or odd, count me in. I love it.

We’re excited to see what Lauren plays tonight at REV Ultra Lounge! It’s going to be a fantastic night for music with RENNO, AZNPERSUASIAN and Euphoric Nation on the decks! Doors are at 10 PM, no cover – see you there!

Event Details can be found here.

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