Summer Set 2017: OOKAY
by Annette Lucero

While some like to spend their prom at a school dance, Ookay spent his at EDC. While simple fan at the time, the event itself inspired the eventual Ookay to pick up music production. Early foreshadowing lies in Ookay snapping a fan picture with Steve Aoki at EDC; fast forward a few years, and his debut EP Ghost was later released on Dim Mak Records. What’s more, Ookay is known for his fan love and interactions. He’ll regularly take time to joke around on Twitter, while making sure to respond to fans. As much as Ookay loves trap, he’s an avid believer in moving past a genre as soon as he gets too comfortable with it. Ookay is constantly hunting for new sounds to create, and the same hunger translates into how he markets his brand. The producer is skilled in graphic design; he creates the majority of his material, and his team works around his vision to market Ookay exactly as he sees fit. Sets are streamlined to help test out new material as well, while making sure fans can get extra lit.