Paris Blohm @ REV: SPACE NYE 2016
by Annette Lucero


Creeping forward with an appetite for adventure, Paris Blohm is bringing back the definition of quality control. Paris Blohm’s progressive and electro style has evolved into a melodically drawing experience. Tracks are just as passionate as before; yet this time, an audience member may find themselves momentarily fixed upon a haunting vocal. However, it’s not to go without saying that our New Year’s Eve guest can’t hold his own; Paris Blohm’s showmanship fluidly captures track dexterity and crowd engagement.


Adventure and self-improvement are the backbones of Paris Blohm’s means. A commitment to a dream once out of reach led Paris into crafting painstaking productions; his published creations exemplify an unwavering patience. What’s more, Paris Blohm’s genuine nature is notorious across his socials; his interactions are geared towards positivity and individuality. Paris Blohm’s latest track, “In Your Eyes” showcases both melodic variability and humble admiration for his late sister.


Paris Blohm’s addiction for pushing boundaries stems from a personal admiration for game changers. He’s the producer that’ll throw a generous remix upon a beloved track, while still  expanding a listener’s perspective and paying tribute to the original. Moreover, Paris Blohm’s productions are individually gifted; releases are weighed for their lasting influence.


Colors and Left Behinds had their run; it’s time to gauge Paris Blohm’s newfound revolution. The middle ground between trance, electro, progressive and house, Paris Blohm’s quiet socials hint at a New Year full of boundary-defying work. Don’t miss the opportunity to ring in New Year’s Eve with a presence that’s been long overdue; buy your ticket here.
Written by Annette Lucero