Phutureprimitive @ The Skyway Theater 03/27/2015
by Stephen Mann


Phutureprimitive, who also goes by Rain, is a melodic psystep producer from San Francisco whose music is described as “dripping wet love drops of nasty mind melting sonic bliss”. After blowing both minds and speakers at The Loft back in October, he is coming back to cast his spell once again with Shpongle on March 27th at Skyway Theater!

Since he was a kid, Rain had always been interested in music, with videos of him as a young child playing the piano and grinning as if he had seen Santa. He started his DJ career in late 90s San Francisco and started to mix his own tracks into his sets. After years of perfecting his sound and maturing his tracks, Phutureprimitive was born.

Phutureprimitive is definitely one of those artists that stands out from the crowd. His music is both dark and spooky while being tranquil and hypnotic. His use of soft melodies and wind chime-like sounds while throwing in hard drop sequences and basslines makes for a medley of different emotions in every track. And this is definitely shown in his record sales: his second album, “Kinetik”, which was released three years ago, is still in the iTunes Top 100 Electronic Music Chart!

If this isn’t enough to get you pumped, then this will definitely get the excitement flowing! On his last national tour, Phutureprimitive featured an interactive game, where audience members wrote down a “demon” of theirs on a piece of duct tape, stuck it to the bottom of their shoes, and “danced out the demons”. With the huge success of this, Phutureprimitive says he will be incorporating this and other interactive games in this upcoming tour. And if that isn’t enough to excite you, he also announced that he will be incorporating a brand new live show in this tour, featuring a 3D projection mapped stage with ritual dancers and video feedback effects!

With magnificent psychedelic tracks, interactive games, and a fully new live show, Phutureprimitive is not an artist you want to miss! So get your bodies and souls ready for Skyway Theater on March 27th, and get ready for an adventure that you won’t ever forget!

Tickets are still available online here.


By: Bradley L