Pierce Fulton @ Rev Ultra Lounge
by Scott Malam


At 17, with a history of different instrumentals under his belt including piano, drums, guitar, even the trombone. It was the decks that paved Pierce Fulton’s career. Hailing from New England, USA, Pierce Fulton started producing in 2009. Pierce managed to thrive in such a seclusive environment far from any venues. His senior year of high school, Pierce was fortunate enoughto be provided the necessary connections. His key classes were back to back, Music Theoryand multiple production programs. A few of Pierce’s programs included Synthesis/Sound Design and Sampling. Courses like these provided the pivotal fundamentals that would steer his future.

At the age of 18, Pierce Fulton dropped his first EP; “Pardon My French” including 3tracks. As an up and coming Progressive House DJ, he was awarded his first official remix.“Touch Me” with fellow artists Jesper Cederlind and David Mauoad landed on Beatport June 7th. After 2 days, “Touch Me” hit #89 on Beatport’s Top 100 House Charts. A week after his debut single, Pierce Fulton dropped “Up & Away” with Fred Lilla on Sun House Records. Overtime, Pierce Fulton has released remixes collaborating songs from artists like The Killers, Usher, and Above & Beyond.

Pierce Fulton’s next EP, “Who Wants Spaghetti?” dropped in 2012. The same year Pierce Fulton featured at Ultra Music Festival and Electric Zoo. Pierce followed up with the EP “Kuaga/Noon Gun” in 2014. Pierce Fulton’s releases substantially construed the foundation of his music. Pierce Fulton has a passion for examining genres and conspiring a variety of different sounds to his music. Many artists undertake fame, overcoming obstacles through their career.

Pierce Fulton is the face of such success grown over a short period of time. As an American producer, Pierce is balancing an education with national tours. At the age of 20, Pierce Fulton can safely say he did it. Pierce Fulton has transitioned from the tables of Dance Music through ambition and dedication. Electing music that mirrors his discreet style, rather than the latest Top 40 trends. Pierce Fulton shuffles Down Tempo with Electro House including cuts that illustrate House music.

Pierce demonstrates artistry as a producer dismissing any theory of genre boundaries. His music has gained support from Tiesto and Paul Oakenfold. Every show thrown echoes energythat provides what fans came for. Pierce Fulton will be at Rev Ultra Lounge, February 27th.

Written by Alexa Gerard