JUST ANNOUNCED: Point Point @ Fine Line 8/6/16
by Bradley Loiederman


The electronic scene of Paris is known for its smooth synths and larger-than-life Daft Punk style artists. However, when you dive further into Paris’ music scene, you will find one of the best future bass groups in the world. Composed of four extremely talented producers, Point Point has taken over the European future bass scene with only one EP and a few singles. With their second EP release happening today, we at SIM are beyond excited to announce their first Minnesota show live at Fine Line Music Cafe on August 6th!

“Paris’ electronic music scene is bigger than Daft Punk and Brodinski, and the quarter of producers known as Point Point have linked up to highlight just how expansive and diverse their future beats truly are. Made up of Aazar, LH4L,Nömak, and DVTGD, Point Point has been making a name for themselves with their Filet Mignon compilation series, which has showcased some of the brightest up-coming talents, and this choice cut from their forthcoming Contrastive Focus Reduplication EP does one better.” – Complex

In 2012, Parisian producers Aazar, L’homme aux 4 lettres, Devoted to God, and Nömak came together to blend their sounds into a medley of future bass and electro, and Point Point was born! After releasing their first single, “Morning BJ”, they decided to switch their production focus to more of a compilation focus, starting up their compilation series, Filet Mignon. Filet Mignon features different future electro and future bass artists from all over the United States and France, as well as featuring some of their own solo works. This compilation series put Point Point on the map, gaining attention from Thissongissick, Earmilk, and Complex. After over three years of fine-tuning their musicality through the Filet Mignon compilations, Point Point released their first EP, Contrastive Focus Reduplication, on OWSLA in 2015. This EP saw extreme success in the future bass community, with the single off the album, “Life In Grey”, gaining over three million plays on soundcloud. They have also had the opportunity to share a lineup with acts such as Kill The Noise, Dillon Francis, Zeds Dead, DJ Snake, Flying Lotus, and many more! After releasing a couple scattered remixes and singles, Point Point released their second EP, Family Portrait, today to extreme excitement. In only four years, Point Point has brought themselves up to the height of future bass in France and the US, and the release of their second EP will only bring more success to the Parisian group!

One of the aspects of Point Point that makes them such a unique group is that every member of the group has a solo career outside of Point Point. Aazar focuses on trap and big-room bangers, LH4L brings a lot of energy with up-tempo trap and shaking melodic electro, Devoted to God experiments with very minimalistic trap and future d&b, and Nömak plays around with volume in experimental future bass. When they all come together, however, it creates this future sound that plays around with transitions, time signatures, volume, and melody. Point Point combines talents from all walks of EDM and creates a mesmerizing sound that will turn Fine Line into ecosystem of upbeat dance!

As mentioned earlier, Point Point just released their second EP ever earlier today, titled Family Portrait. Although it is only three songs, Family Portrait marks a critical point in Point Point’s career, moving away from OWSLA and releasing the EP through Record Record/Sony Music. This EP also marks a shift in their sound, focusing more heavily on the experimental area of future bass and adding in additional instruments and synth sounds not often used in future bass. Listen to the new EP “Family Portrait” below:

Starting in 2012, Point Point consists of four talented Parisian producers coming together to bring us some of the most unique future bass imaginable. Although only releasing two EPs and a handful of singles and remixes, Point Point have quickly gained international attention due to their experimental sound and their infamous compilation series. Their music is genius and plays around with many different aspects of music theory, and the extremely recent release of their second EP is a huge milestone in their career. So get ready to expand your minds and exercise your bodies to some of the best future bass and electro Paris has to offer with Point Point at Fine Line Music Cafe on August 6th!
Tickets are available here.