Positronic Capability: Jaytech
by Annette Lucero

It’s become an Anjunabeats family marathon for SIMshows this year, and we’re not even close to finished. Born James Cayzer, Jaytech hails from the land-down-under; Australia was the backdrop to James Cayzer’s musically-inclined childhood. Spending his early days competing in piano competitions, and his free time playing with computer technology, Jaytech doubtlessly saw himself geared toward a future in music. However, it was after seeing Ferry Corsten live at fourteen years old that James Cayzer found his electronic middle ground. Young age played in Jaytech’s favor; at the time, there was no serious, structured process in educating producers available. James Cayzer was as unlimited as any young blood; it was all fun and games, after all.

In the long run, fun and games translated into an undeniable talent. With an edge that is often times characterized as the meeting point for trance, electro house, melodic and progressive styles, Jaytech leads the way in immersive and effortless music. Originally picked up by Anjuna for their Anjunadeep sublabel, Jaytech found himself transitioning into Anjunabeats as his music swayed more melodically-upbeat. Musical transition was brought on by education; Anjunabeats helped broaden Jaytech’s understanding of musical dynamics. Bar-defining beats are those whose versatility is endless, and Anjunabeats critique, as well as selectivity, only sharpened and deepened James Cayzer’s desire for defining music. Jaytech’s Positronic Digital saw it’s label debut in 2014, and with it a passion to find brilliant talent in thousand-deep, digital track seas. Although Jaytech continues to work with Anjunabeats, his emphasize has become finding gem talent, and exploring their possibilities with horizon-broadening mentorship.

Amidst the music and label game, Jaytech’s impressive musical history speaks literal volumes. His first album, “Everything is OK” saw its debut as a remixed foundation for Jaytech’s name. His second album “Multiverse” continued the thread in 2012 with its game changing production. Jaytech pushed with it his evolution in musical variability, as well as a forthcoming wave of boundary-less, and quality-defining tracks. It’s one thing to say a producer is talented; Jaytech’s needle-point production is made of futuristic eyesight producers can only envy.

Jaytech’s crisp style is further highlighted by an undeniable stage presence. May 8th isn’t just going to hear good music; it’s going to see an interactive artist ready to set the tone for summer excitement at REV. Anjuna-feels are about to be amplified by Positronic capability; tickets will be available at the door for $10.


Written by: Annette Lucero