Reliving Mat Zo @ Rev!
by Annette Lucero


Saturday night painted itself as a warehouse vibe; underground house and heavy bass hummed throughout REV. The night started off with local up-and-comer Noodleman grabbing patrons onto the dance floor one by one. The first half hour welcomed in progressive and tech house, gradually building up into future bass, melodic indie and deep house. By the time our very own Jack Trash took the set, REV was packed and ready to go on the heels of Noodleman. Jack Trash treated Saturday night’s guests to a set of warehouse-style tech house; the crowd bounced in tune with one another. A very gradual build-up was all that was needed as Jack Trash’s set kept the crowd in the perfect gray zone of movement and headliner anticipation.


Once Mat Zo entered the decks, it was clear to see that REV was about to get a very rare set. Mat Zo’s set started off with sneaking progressive house, all the while transforming into a darker trance set. Progressive and tech house classics made their way through REV’s speakers; one could say a few genre comebacks are on the way. Whatsmore, a few select tracks from Mat Zo’s most recent album, Self Assemble, made it out of hiding Saturday night. The crowd moved in tune with Mat Zo’s variety, gradually moving into funk house and chanting for more at the end of the night.

Although the magic of Mat Zo’s set may be over for now, we’ve still got a jam-packed Fall lineup in store! Make sure to come out and party with us and Kap Slap at Rev this Friday!