RL Grime @ Mill City Nights 11/20
by Stephen Mann

“Wait, R.L.Grime and Clockwork are the same person?!”


Although Halloween passed less than a month ago, R.L. Grime pays tribute to the season of scare and all things freaky via his stage name. That’s right, Henry Steinway, or R.L. Grime, found his name’s inspiration in his favorite childhood book series, Goosebumps. Written by R.L. Stein, the famous serious capitalized on scaring the hell out of its readers before bed time, or in at least getting a few chills going.

Surprisingly enough, “R.L. Grime” came into creation as a means of escape and experimentation for the “Clockwork” producer. The first tracks came into creation one cold week while still a student at New York University, and the project itself was never intended to grow as it has. “R.L. Grime” was just a space for Henry Stein to experiment with music freely. Yet, R.L. Grime swept the 2014 festival landscape, and with a recently released “VOID” album and tour, fans are bracing themselves for quiet the experience this fall.

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But no need to fear- R.L. Grime’s got you covered. Notorious for his trap-heavy performances and for a beat that’ll send shivers down your spine, R.L. Grime will not disappoint Thursday night at Mill City Nights. Quite frankly, if you’re not there getting down to R.L. Grime’s dirty tracks, you better be at least reading Goosebumps. Otherwise, you’ve got no excuse.

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Written by Annette Lucero