Salva @ City Hall 06/12
by SIMshows Ticketing

While many artists perform and perfect one genre, Salva dares to be different and has successfully proven his ability to perfect multiple genres all at once. He collaborates sound consisting of hard bass, trap, dance music, and rap to create an incredibly distinct musical experience. Although his growing popularity lies deep within his talent, he also possesses a strong capability to captivate a single dance floor with much musical diversity. Not only does this capability grant Salva a promising future, but it also proves his true dedication, passion, and talent towards the music industry.

Paul Douglas Salva Jr., spent his early years growing up in Chicago, IL. At the age of 18 he made the move to Miami, FL where he first immerged himself into the nightlife music scene. Although he was legally not old enough to be in night clubs, this is when he first began playing shows for top clubs in the Miami area. After spending a few years in Miami, Salva then ventured back to the Midwest to continue his music production. In the early 2000’s, Salva made the move to California where he continues to produce and reside today.

In 2008, he created Frite Nite label which was responsible for the promotion of artists and music events in the Bay Area of California. He released his first album, Complex Housing, in 2011. This album led to his acceptance into the Red Bull Music Academy, and was positively reviewed by people throughout the world. In 2012, Salva dropped a remix to Kanye West’s ‘Mercy’ which held a number one spot on various charts for months. This remix led to new opportunities, and began to show the world what this artist was capable of. Starting off 2013 with a residency for BBC Radio in London, England, he continues to balance production in California, touring in the United States, and also the touring of Europe.

Not only has Salva opened up new doors for music genre variation, but he has shown people that sticking to one central idea sometimes isn’t the best option. From small venues, to world famous festivals such as Lollapalooza, Coachella, HARD, and Spain’s Sonar Festival, this artist has truly taken it all on. Salva is proof that sometimes thinking outside the box is the true key behind success.

Don’t miss your chance to get down with one of the best artists in the industry this Thursday at City Hall!