Savant Brings His Out of this World “SPACE” Tour to The LOFT in Minneapolis 3/15
by Stephen Mann


Born in Norway, Aleksander Viktor also known as Savant, has blown the EDM world away with his unique musical skill. Viktor has had numerous musical achievements including a Norwegian Grammy nomination for his 2009 debut album “Outbreak”. What is not known to many, is that Viktor was diagnosed with Asbergers Syndrome which has manifested itself in his production and performance. That is exactly what a “savant” is; By medical definition it is a person who is diagnosed with a neurological disease who specifically excels at one skill, while possibly struggling with other things deemed “normal” by traditional society. For Aleks this shows through his genius and beautiful musical productions:

With over 1,000 productions under his belt Savant has hit the EDM world by storm with many of his releases reaching the Beatport Top 100. He has produced collaborations with numerous artists around the world including, Infected Mushroom, Razihel, and BT. Savant’s sound is very unique; he puts his twist on anything from Glitch Hop to Dubstep and with his own Melodic synths and 8-bit sound, he can do no wrong.

Minneapolis is in for a treat on March 15 when Savant plays for the first time at The Loft. This will not be a show to sleep on. Sport a “Guy Fawkes” mask and get ready to get down to what will for sure be a show not to be missed. Limited pre-sale tickets are still available online here.