Shiba San @ Rev 6/4/16
by Bradley Loiederman

Photo credit: Bridge

It seems rare that we get grimy deep house and ghetto house artists coming through the cities, but this Saturday will hopefully be the start of a new trend! Shiba San, a deep house and ghetto house producer with roots in european hip hop, will be traveling all the way from Paris to show Minneapolis their blend of old-school and new sounds on June 4th and Rev Ultra Lounge!

For over 15 years, Shiba San has been working in the music industry in France doing different productions. Their roots come from Chicago house, first listening to Chicago house vinyl when they were a kid. They took their roots in house music and started working as a hip hop producer in France in the 90s, creating some of the hottest beats and tracks in French hip hop as a ghost producer. However, as electronic music started to get highlighted and as more and more producers started becoming successful as solo acts, Shiba San decided it was time to focus back on their house tracks! In 2013, they turned their focus to their solo productions, and in 2014, they released “Okay”, gaining international attention. “Okay” quickly jumped to #1 in Beatport House Charts and #3 in overall charts, as well as gaining them a spot on Justin Martin and Claude VanStroke’s label, Dirtybird. Since their start, Shiba San has gained a spot on the lineups of EDC, Mamby on the Beach, and Euporia and has won numerous awards, such as and International Dance Music Award and two Winter Music Conference awards. Shiba San has made a gigantic impact on house music in only three years and will continue to show the world what French ghetto house can bring!

One of the reasons Shiba San has come up so quickly is because of their experience in ghost producing and their blend of hip hop into house. Their tracks are a wonderful blend between smooth deep house and dirty hip hop styles, creating both a groovy feel and a grimy, sweaty dance anthem. Let’s take their remix of Chris Malinchak’s “So good to me” for example. It starts similar to many house tracks, using a mild synth and snares to create a moving beat. The buildup starts showing a little bit of the ghetto vibe, with a heavier synth and deep male vocals being used as part of the rhythm section. The true hip hop and ghetto house vibes come from the drop: deep synths and vocals bringing the deep house vibes, and multi-rhythmic drums creating a european hip hop sound. Shiba San blends French hip hop production flavors with essential european house, creating a unique genre of their own and helping them shoot right to the top!

Shiba San, a French ghetto house and deep house producer, has been working in the music industry in France for over 15 years, ghost producing hip hop tracks. However, just a few years ago, they decided to shift back to their roots and blend together hip hop and house music, creating a unique genre full of energy and grime. Since then, they’ve quickly climbed their way to the top of the charts and won more awards than many producers earn in a lifetime! After a long wait, Shiba San will be showing Minneapolis what French ghetto house has to offer! So let’s get our dance pants and hip hop vibes ready for Shiba San on June 4th at Rev Ultra Lounge!

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