SHPONGLE: The Museum of Consciousness Tour – Minneapolis 3-22
by Stephen Mann

Shpongle is the psychedelic duo consisting of Simon Posford (also known as Hallucinogen) and Raja Ram who hail from all the way across the Atlantic in England. In 1996 Shpongle first created their signature sound of blending ambient and psychedelic trance with world music and they haven’t shown signs of slowing down yet. Since then, Posford and Ram have created a almost cult following who have dubbed them the pioneers of “Psybient“. The Shpongle Project collectively has over 80 years of musical experience in the industry and are continually finding new ways to showcase their sound and visual extravaganza. 2014 brings the Shpongletron 3.0, and the third revisiting of Shpongleland to the United States. This Saturday the historic Skyway Theatre in Minneapolis will be transformed from simply a building in a modern city to a totally different dimension in time of art and soul.

Check out the building of the Shpongletron 3.0 below:

photo 2 photo 5 photo 4

When asked to describe the project Posford has said “Shpongle is like nothing you’ve ever heard before.” Their current tour “The Museum of Consciousness” will be traveling across North America this Spring with a European extension at the end of the summer. Shpongle will be delivering their highly anticipated new Shpongletron for breathtaking visuals as their music carries you across the atmosphere and into truly out of this world experiences.

photo 3 photo 1 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

Tickets are going extremely fast for the live show this Saturday, get yours asap to ensure entry! Limited pre-sales are still available here.