#SIMSLAM – Slam Academy Open House, March 10th!
by Annette Lucero

Looking for a fun activity this coming Saturday? Look no further than Slam Academy! This coming weekend, Slam Academy will be opening its doors and hosting its bi-monthly open house. From 3-5pm, curious guests can come in, and get to know how Slam Academy really works.

No topics and questions are off the table, and you can be sure to find yourself surrounded by some of the best instructors available! Staff will be on-hand to provide insight into an array of topics, ranging from financial aid to studio hardware. What’s more, Slam Academy “Open House”s also help show prospective students exactly what they’re paying for. Slam Academy features a backbone of Abelton-certified instructors, and a dizzying array of studio space, leaving its environment resource-rich for its students.

If you’re curious to learn more, make sure to register and head on over to Slam Academy, March 10th! For event registration and details, click here.