#SIMSLAM – Episode One
by Annette Lucero

This week, SIMshows would like to introduce its latest episode series: #SIMSLAM. The written stomping grounds between SIMshows and Slam Academy, #SIMSLAM is on a mission to explore some of the hidden gems within Slam Academy. We’ll be giving light to some of the most well-respected individuals in the industry during this series, and we hope you’ll join us along for the ride. On this week’s episode of #SIMSlam, we’d like to introduce readers to some of the courses at Slam Academy.

Slam is the only place in Minneapolis where you can go to have a focus in creating Electronic Music. All of the programs are centered around this from the ground up:

*The Sound Design Program teaches you how to make individual sounds and elements for your tracks.

*Our Ableton Program focuses on showing you the full capacity and features of Ableton Live, from workflow, to virtual instruments, to processing, to arrangement, this program covers everything you need to know about Ableton.  Slam is also the only Ableton Certified Training Center in the Midwest region!

*Recording Arts helps you to branch outside of the confines of your computer and gives you the ability to take any sound or instrument from the outside world and use them in your music.

*The Mixing and Mastering Program teaches you how to add the final polish to your tracks with gain staging, compression, EQ, and more to get up to industry standards of quality and sound like the pros.

*And more!  Slam offers a full range of other courses for all different skill levels or interests.

All of the programs are broken up into either entry-level or intermediate-level programs depending on your experience, so if you’re already familiar with Ableton but you are trying to dive deeper into Sound Design, or Mixing and Mastering, you can get directly involved with whatever course it is that you need.

The breakdown of all of the programs offered is as follows:

Entry-level Programs:

Ableton Live Program

DJ Program

Hip-Hop Program

Recording Arts Program

Intermediate & Advanced Programs:

Sound Design Program

Mixing and Mastering Program

Producer Program

Slam Academy’s approach is to meet any newcomer at their stage of expertise, and then expand upon their specific skill sets as necessary. Most individuals at Slam are looking to pursue the artistic side of their musical pursuits, and are enrolled in Slam for their own creative outlets. In the coming weeks, #SIMSLAM will be exploring each of these courses alongside their respective instructors and students to capture exactly why individuals choose to get involved with Slam Academy.

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