Slam Academy’s McNally Smith Student Scholarship
by Bradley Loiederman

December 14th was a very sad day for the Minnesota music community: after 32 years of providing a multi-faceted music education, McNally Smith College of Music shut its doors abruptly. Students received an email last Thursday that the school would be shutting down at the end of the semester. The email also stated that the school would not be able to make its last payroll and was asking faculty and professors to finish the last few days so that students wouldn’t be left in limbo. Unfortunately, many students were left in a state of limbo without degrees or transferrable credits. In the spirit of Minnesota nice, however, many other music community members have come out and showed their support, like Slam Academy, the production and DJ school in Northeast.

Slam Academy has always had a strong connection with McNally Smith. Dr. J. Anthony Allen, one of the founders of Slam Academy, birthed the idea while instructing at McNally Smith. Many other faculty members and teachers at Slam Academy are alumni from McNally. Everyone at Slam knows of the tight-knit and open-minded community that McNally created, and they’re hoping to welcome McNally students into their community.

Slam Academy is currently accepting applications for 10 scholarships given to McNally students that are looking to continue their music education. Each scholarship provides a 10% discount on class admission, and all you need to do is send over an application explaining your background, musical passion, and potential contributions to Slam Academy. These scholarships are limited and on a first-come first-serve basis, and all McNally Smith students are encouraged to apply.

The Twin Cities lost a legend in music education this past week, but we will come together and build a stronger community that McNally Smith would be proud of. For more information on the scholarship or to apply, check out Slam Academy’s website here.