Ableton Live 10 Petting Zoo @ Slam Academy 12/19/17!
by Annette Lucero

You read that right; Ableton Live 10 is coming to Slam Academy this Tuesday night! The exclusive showcase is due to a few tricks Slam Academy has up their sleeves, and we cannot wait to experience the software unveiling! The “Ableton Live 10 Petting Zoo” is a Slam event giving the general public a chance to use Ableton Live 10 and check out its features before the official release date. Ableton Live 10 is rumored to be publicly en-route in the first quarter of 2018, so it could still be several weeks or months before the software actually hits the market…don’t sleep on this rare showcase!

Some of the new features in Live 10 are:

  • Wavetable, a wavetable synthesis instrument which brings wavetable synthesis to Ableton’s stock plugins for the first time
  • 3 effects plugins, Echo, Drum Buss, and Pedal, which are a delay unit, compression/saturation, and distortion unit, respectively
  • Workflow enhancements like editing multiple MIDI clips at once, infinite nesting of track groups, and post-play MIDI capture which is like a record button that works in reverse
  • New Push 2 functionality (there will have Push 2s on location for use as well!)
  • Additional factory library sounds and presets

So, let’s say your interested – “But how am I going to experience the software? Is this some lame power-point unveiling instead of the real-deal?”

Thankfully, Slam’s got you covered! There will be multiple stations setup with Ableton Live 10 usage across all 4 of Slam’s studios, and Slam faculty will be present to answer questions and guide everyone through new features and their potential uses. In addition, Slam Academy is actually encouraging people to bring in their own Ableton Live 9 session files on USB flash drives. Guests will be able to upload personal projects into Ableton Live 10, and spruce them up a bit with the new software features. Curious to learn more? Make sure to follow Slam Academy on Facebook for live updates, and to hit up the event this Tuesday night! Doors open at 6pm and the unveiling starts at 7pm – see you Tuesday!

Facebook Event Details Here