Small Moments Like This – Above & Beyond June 28th @ Myth
by jacktrash

Every single time Above & Beyond comes to the Twin Cities, I walk out saying, “That was the single greatest live show I have ever seen”, and I know I’m not the only one. A&B understands music like no other artist I have experienced. They pour all of their energy and life into every show, and they know how to connect with a crowd. June 28th, Myth Nightclub buzzed with so much positive energy, and the crowd seemed to merge together as one, singing every lyric back to the artists.

I believe that there are some experiences in life that are simply impossible to put into words. There are some things in life that language alone cannot express. The beauty and energy at Above & Beyond’s live show last night is one of those things. I know A&B would be the first to say this; but it’s not just the music. It’s not just the artists, the lights, the production, the fans, or the venue alone. It’s everything coming together as one; coming together into a singular moment, and feeling, a community, and an experience. This beautiful community of people in the Twin Cities music scene is what makes these types of shows so successful.

Our staff at Sound in Motion works so hard every day for no other reason than exactly what we saw and experienced with you at the Above & Beyond concert. We’ve said this before, but it’s about YOU. The fans and the people in this community are what keep us doing what we do. The fans are what make these shows happen. The fans are always the true headliners at our events. It’s the Small Moments in life that matter, it’s the Small Moments that bring us together and show us what matters. We are so happy we were lucky enough to experience Above & Beyond, and receive some much needed Group Therapy for 2013. The best part was that we got to do it with YOU, the fans. Thank YOU! Until next time Twin Cities remember, it’s the Small Moments in life that matter. We love you.