Sonny Fodera @ Rev 3/3/17
by Bradley Loiederman

A few short years can make a great impact on an artist’s career, and that is very true with Sonny Fodera. Hailing from Australia and currently residing in London, Sonny Fodera went from a small producer to creating his own subgenre of house and collaborating house legends in just three years. He will be sharing his music with us at Rev this Friday!

Sonny Fodera first started making a name for himself in 2014, with his collaboration with Cervendos titled “Let Go” stayed on the Beatport Deep House Top 10 chart for over 12 weeks. Since then, he has had more than six tracks make it to the Beatport charts and has worked with the likes of Cajmere, Gene Farris, Pleasurekraft, and Low Steppa. He has also had the opportunities to release tracks on Dirybird, Cajual Records, Visionquest, and many more prominent house labels and has played all around the Ibiza circuit so much that he has lived in Ibiza prior. Three months ago, he released his latest EP, Frequenlty Flying, bringing him further and further up the house ladder!

Once you take a listen to Fodera’s tracks, you quickly understand why his name is popping up all over the house community. His work with many different house artists and labels has given him the experience to combine elements of numerous established house subgenres to create his own. One minute, his sound is upbeat and perky, and in the next, it’s dark and mysterious. Take his remix of Rudimental’s “I Am For Love”: it starts out sounding very progressive, making you think the drop will be melodic; and then the drop comes, bringing you into heavy bass and smooth rhythms. Sonny Fodera is a master at creating his own sound, making it a surprise as to where he’s going to go with his set on Friday!

Sonny Fodera has quickly made his mark in house music, bringing up his own sound and taking Ibiza b by storm. He’s coming to Rev this Friday to show us what he’s got, so get your body ready for a night of straight grooving to some Sonny Fodera house!

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