Summer Set 2017: SPACE JESUS
by SIMshows Ticketing

Space Jesus is that amazing name that you probably have not heard much of yet, but definitely want and need to. Jasha Tull is a talented but very humble trap-hop producer from Brooklyn, making a name for himself under the name of Space Jesus. His unique music consists of his own signature sound that he somehow incorporates into all of these different types of sub-genres. The New York-based music festival Mysteryland USA named Space Jesus as a top emerging artist and featured him in their aftermovie. His upcoming debut album Close Encounters takes his fans on an intergalactic journey as he explores topics like extraterrestrial grandparents, Instagram “celebrities”, politicians on drugs, and even more topics that many other artists wouldn’t even dare to venture into. His bass heavy music will continue to grow and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.