by Annette Lucero

SSMFAfterpartiesThis season’s Summer Set after parties are once more proving patrons they’re well worth the wait. Friday night kicks off the exclusive parade with none other than ZHU and Mija. The notorious “Faded” vocalist and producer ZHU isn’t scheduled to play during typical festival hours, making his evening debut exclusive for fans attending Summer Set this year. ZHU sets are characterized by their mix of darker, limelight vibes and seamless transitions. His steadily rising set pace and underground style will keep Friday’s guests in constant unpredictability.

What more, the notoriously skilled Mija won’t hold back momentum for late night listeners. The co-mother of “Better” and “Crank It” will add an electrifying twist to Friday night; her sets often slam listeners with deep house tempo and a raging bassline. There’s no genre template for one of the industry’s leading ladies, as Mija fuses her sets with a generous music palette. Unreleased tracks and remixes like to wander their way into Mija’s sets, leaving listeners both grooving and starving for more.

Friday’s after party ticket will no doubt be an intense balancing act between two very different, yet amazingly paired, set energies. While the purchase of a Friday day ticket is required for entry into the ZHU and Mija after party, the commitment is undoubtedly worth the investment. There’s energy in the air; this year’s after party lineup is shaping up to be exclusively memorable.